Lungu, the destroyer

We have never seen a person as destructive as Edgar Lungu.

Michael Sata bequeathed him a very good party, today it’s a shell – Edgar has destroyed it.

Edgar found a relatively strong multiparty democracy, today Edgar has reduced it to a de facto one party dictatorship “in everything except in name”. He found a political environment where an opposition party could freely mobilise and win elections. But today Edgar has created a brutal and intolerant regime where only he and his minions can politically be seen and heard. He has completely destroyed the political environment that enabled the Patriotic Front to freely mobilise and win elections in 2011.

Edgar has destroyed the plurality of our society. He found a society where there were many different voices, today only those voices that praise and sing Hallelujah to him and ignore his heinous deeds can be heard.

Edgar found a thriving and courageous news media, today Edgar has brought it to its knees with closures, threats and intimidation. He closed more news media outlets than any President in the whole history of Africa.

Edgar has not hesitated to ban political parties. He deregistered DP to stop Harry Kalaba from having a party of his own. Edgar also deregistered NDC to frustrate Chishimba Kambwili’s opposition efforts and denunciation of the corruption of his league.

DP and NDC were only resurrected from the political cemetery by High Court orders.

It took Edgar more than a year to allow the registration of the Socialist Party.

Edgar has totally destroyed the independence of our judiciary. He has created a Constitutional Court that is there to do his bidding. And he has not hesitated to threaten and intimidate judges. He openly did this over his third term and got the judgment he wanted.

Edgar has equally reduced Zambia Police to a security wing of the Patriotic Front and openly uses it to curtail opposition political mobilisation work and to contain the critical activities of civil society.

Edgar has destroyed the electoral system of our country. Today the Electoral Commission of Zambia is nothing but an arm of the Patriotic Front.

And as if this was not enough damage to the country, Edgar has finally destroyed the economy.

And as Dr Fred M’membe aptly puts it, “As we have consistently been warning, our country’s economy has collapsed. And one didn’t need to be an economic expert to foresee the consequences of the irrational path that was being pursued by our rulers – unbridled borrowing and irrational expenditure. All the advice given to them – even by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and their other multilateral and bilateral partners – was ignored and arrogantly scoffed at. Today they are like soaked chickens – humbled by the reality they can’t ignore or conceal and do not know how to resolve. We are clearly headed for very serious economic challenges. Our economy is shrinking at a frightening rate. Next year’s budget has been reduced by 47 per cent. This means that the 2021 budget will only be K56,180 billion. The government’s wage bill was K25,601 billion at the beginning of this year. And debt repayment was K33.726 billion. This gives us a total of K59,327 billion – which is K3,149 billion more than our 2021 budget. This means that without very serious downsizing, retrenchments or massive

international assistance, government will only barely manage to service the debt and pay salaries in 2021 and nothing else. What does this mean for the Zambian people, especially the poor? More suffering, more agony, more poverty, more despair!”

This is how Edgar, the mighty destroyer, has destroyed our country and our lives. He has crushed Zambia “like a tonne of bricks”!

But despite this destruction, Edgar is still seeking a third term of office. To come do what?

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