Why do they resort to insults, fighting

Mpezeni, the paramount chief of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province, says beating or insulting people does not make a person a great politician.

“Let’s do our politics in a normal way. Church leaders and the traditional leaders are united. The Church cannot be happy if people start fighting and the chiefs cannot allow that too. Even chiefs cannot be happy to see people hacking each other with axes and hoes and no one can be happy with it. The Church and the traditional leaders should at all times restrain politicians from engaging in violence acts,” says Mpezeni. “You can’t beat someone to obtain something from that person. We don’t want a situation where even young people are exposed to insults.”

It seems a common practice of our politicians to be resorting to insults whenever they suffer from a deficiency of facts during an argument.

But they cannot win an argument with insults. The moment they do that they have already lost. They can only win an argument by outsmarting the other party with endless bits of knowledge.

Instead of using insults, they can always keep quiet and end the arguments. There is no shame in that.

They should learn to respect your fellow interlocutor’s views and if they don’t like what they are saying, you can simply stop engaging with them.

We have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument — and that is to avoid it when you realise you don’t have facts, or when you realise the person you are about to argue with doesn’t have facts. When arguing with a fool, people from far can’t tell who the fool is and who isn’t, right?

There are those who also resort to fighting when they have been cornered with facts. Apparently, their fists and legs work better than their brains, so they resort to blows and kicks.

Violence is never a solution to anything. You are not fighting for independence. You are not fighting because you are a soldier. You are not fighting because you are a boxer or a wrestler. You are just fighting to win an argument? Terrible!

Learn to argue better or avoid arguments altogether. Insults are petty and so are fights. Be smart, be logical and have some self-respect.

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