Time is ripe for change…LUNGU PAVE WAY…this is a passionate call – Chisala

EVERYTHING has its time to exit and it is time for the PF and President Edgar Lungu to pave way for others, says All Nations Church overseer Bishop Timothy Chisala.

Bishop Chisala said it does not need an economist or a man of God to explain that Zambians are suffering due to a collapsed economy.

On Monday, in his reflections on the economy, Socialist Party president Fred M’membe observed that the Zambian economy has collapsed but “our rulers want to pretend that all is well and it is business as usual.”

“They don’t even want to talk about it. They are occupying themselves with petty things that really don’t matter. They can try to evade this reality, but they will not be able to evade the consequences of evading this reality,” said Dr M’membe. “They are busy trying to crush their opponents “like a tonne of bricks”. But a sensible leader is not motivated by the desire to annihilate opponents, but by the desire to solve problems and make life better for his people. It’s very clear that our rulers are failing to reason, to think. Probably we are expecting too much from them. Reason is not automatic. And those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. We shouldn’t count on them to address this problem and make things better… We have no alternative but to push them aside and usher in a new leadership – a revolutionary leadership – next year.”

In an interview over the SP observations, Bishop Chisala said Zambia had no leadership in government that can redeem the people from the shackles of poverty.

“We have a crisis in the country but leadership is overlooking this. It is business as usual so long a few within the corridors of power are eating. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is so alarming. But everything has its time to exit and it is time for the PF and President Edgar Lungu to pave way for others. This is a passionate call,” he said. “We say this without any malice, but when things are not working out, we better say it. Let me agree with Bishop John Mambo that the clergy have failed the people because of a few pieces of silver.”

Bishop Chisala said the selfishness of some clergy was seen when they lined up to ask for “empowerment” instead of speaking for the people.

“In no way am I criticising the clergy, but some things we just have to say them as they are. Look, if the clergy can line up and ask for empowerment because of hunger, then what is the situation with that woman in Nkwazi? This is time the clergy need to speak out and say things are bad for the people. Put the interest of the people first,” he urged. “So some people have decided not to see that people are suffering. The suffering of the people has nothing to do with them. Time is ripe for change. Vote for leaders that will put the interest of the people first. Evil is when leaders decided to close their eyes and ears to the sufferings of the people.”

Bishop Chisala said it was shocking that government leaders can have the energy to kneel before people asking for their votes.

He said people should not resist change next year.

“I was shocked to see [justice] minister Given Lubinda kneeling down asking for votes. I said ‘God have mercy on this man. He can kneel to us for votes when he was busy ignoring pensioners that were gathering at his office, even getting soaked by the rains!’ It is a sorry sight to have such leaders that will do anything to remain in power just for selfishness interests,” Bishop Chisala said.

He said arrogance was at play in PF government leaders because they can dish out money.

“Money is not everything. Even if they dish money to try to silence the opponents, it will not work, because time is up,” said Bishop Chisala.

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