Zambians react to re-opening of bars, schools

[By Changala Sichilongo]

SOCIAL media is currently awash with reactions to President Edgar Lungu’s partial reopening of bars.

Others have expressed worry about where money will come from after the President’s reopening of schools, colleges and universities.

In March this year, President Lungu closed bars, schools and other social facilities due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

Opening Parliament this morning, President Lungu announced that he had allowed bars to be open from Fridays to Sundays between 18:00 hours and 23:00 hours, subject to strict adherence to health guidelines.

He also told Parliament that all learning institutions would reopen on September 28, 2020.

Exam classes are reopening next Monday.

But Zambians have taken to social media, especially Facebook to react.

While some have posted messages on their Facebook walls, others have circulated videos of people ululating and dancing, in celebrating the reopened bars.

Pictures of people with glasses of bear are also all over social media.

Singer, Macky 2 reacted: “Akapondo Kaisula Ifintu Zoona. Better Fye Twalipangapo Chi Tour.”

His counterpart, Chef 187 also posted: “Twalibwela Panchito.”

US based Zambian journalist Moses Kuwema posted: “Big buyers have school fees to think of and are not overly excited about the partial reopening of bars manje ba punka/lwanda, ma zukist ndiye bali nuu. Insoni ebuntu.”

Fishan Unai Emery Zimba posted: “Finally schools have been reopened.”

Silvester Kaumba reacted: “Twanwa again.. Lungu for 2021.”

Muna Lula reacted: Finally, the answer to the age old question: why is Sunday to Friday longer than Friday to Sunday?

Maya Ntanda posted: “And now comes the pressure…school fees/ transport/ lunch….Lord hear me!”

Tendai Albert cautioned parents: “Did you hear, School fees are back as Schools open next Monday.”

Chiselwa Kawanda posted: “I dont even remember where and when I spent my son’s school fees.”

Happy Chilemba posted: “Basegula.”

Nimon Muleya reacted: “The Lord has seen us through these difficult times. Thank God, it’s a Friday!!!”

Chileshe Kandeta posted: “STOP IT IMWE

It is not from Sunday to Friday! It’s Friday (18-23 Hrs), Saturday (18-23 Hrs) & Sunday (18-23 Hrs).”

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