Beyond the Obvious: COVID-19 vaccine? Why not for HIV/AIDS?

I WOULD BE very shocked if the West developed a vaccine for COVID-19 so soon when they have failed to find one for HIV/AIDS. Take it from me, AIDS has killed more people in Africa and other Third World countries than it has done to any western country. Even as you read this, you’re probably reminded of some of your friends, relatives and other colleagues who have succumbed to AIDS, and yet there’s still no cure in sight. All this long, western countries who have patents to most pharmacology formulae have been reluctant to seriously find a cure for the pandemic, and all they could do is to give the world the anti-retro-viral drugs which HIV patients have to take for the rest of their lives. This, of course, is very helpful for our patients who otherwise would have long died of the menacing virus.

Because these countries own patent rights to these ARVs, it’s the Presidents and CEOs of these western pharmaceutical companies that go to the bank smiling, while we continue to take stock of how much of the life-saving drug is still in our hospitals, and see if we could order some more. That’s how the game has been played: pretend there’s no cure for HIVAIDS and just have people hang their lives on a daily dose of ARVs.

But it appears to me that for our friends in West, White lives matter more than Black ones, that’s why they don’t want their people to continue dying of coronavirus, as HIV/AIDS has done to our people here on the African continent. Thus they are busy juggling curative formulae to find a vaccine for COVID-19. And if they find one, like I said, I’ll be very surprised. I’d ask myself, why have they not put in the same efforts to cure HIV/AIDS? If I don’t find any answers, I’ll then conclude that the Western world’s agenda towards Africa is always shrouded in secrecy. It’s still suspected that the whites created HIV/AIDS to wipe out the black race. Ebola is another African curse whose origin is inappropriately linked to Africa. Do I sound crazy? If I do, then it’s because many fictional writers have penned down essays of clandestine organisations that want to cull the human race. And don’t just think that fiction is just fiction, because sometimes fiction turns out to be facts.

Now imagine, just once, that the coronavirus had originated from Africa. What would they have done to us? I think these guys would amassed their military arsenals and surrounded our continent so that no one moves out to go near them. Then Donald Trump would have asked the World Health Organisation to fund a wall around Africa and have all of us quarantined for one century. We have heard him build walls to keep away his neighbours, anyway.

If you have not heard, Zambia is one of those countries in Africa to take part in the clinical trials for the coronavirus vaccine. I’m not a medical person but I know that developing a vaccine takes years, sometime ten or even fifteen years for the efficacy of a drug to be approved for use by the general public. Even then, we are beginning to hear of vaccine nationalism – how that the first country to find the vaccine will have to give priority to its citizens. Which means that even if Zambia or other Africans are used as guinea pigs, the manufacturers of these vaccines will first give it to their children. How ridiculous!

Ridiculous indeed because the West cannot believe that any other peoples can find a cure for COVID-19. African herbs for example, have not been well received by our friends in the West, including WHO, who always think that nothing good can come out of Africa. But one day they’ll be shocked. And I dare say it’s time as Africans we started to find our own solutions to problems besetting us, instead of waiting for Washington to prescribe remedies for us. For centuries our ancestors used herbs to treat all manners of ailments and consulted the gods who answered them generously. That’s why I wish I lived in the days of my ancestors were they used roots and barks of trees to heal diseases, instead of relying on WHO and the likes of Donald Trump for answers.

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