BANNED Chingola based football administrator Blackwell Siwale has warned that if FAZ decides to pick Damiano Mutale and the lawyers to attend the FIFA/FAZ meeting as the only aggrieved party, wrangles are far from over.

“If FAZ through its general secretary Adrian Kashala decide to pick Damiano Mutale and the lawyers who went to court and subsequently withdrew the matter from court that they are the only legitimate people to attend the zoom meeting with FIFA, these matters are far from over. These matters are far from over, I can assure you that,” he said when he featured on 5FM Radio. “We are looking forward to everybody who is aggrieved to be heard, everybody who has a matter with FAZ to be heard through representation because some matters are similar, others are not. So, those which are not will be given to a person that is going to represent us and say please can you please make this known to FIFA and we are looking forward to that. And, I repeat, if FAZ chooses deliberately Damiano Mutale, Patson Lusaka and the lawyers, this matter is far from over.”

Siwale said he would disrespect anybody that made a mistake, including FIFA.

“FIFA has no mandate to extend an office whose mandate has expired on any member FA in this world. It has never happened. Worse still, the person who is channeling letters to extend the mandate of the (FAZ) EXCO is a member association officer (at FIFA). Where is the general secretary (of FIFA)?” Siwale asked. “It has never happened, so if the letter came from the general secretary we would have said yes, this is real. But here comes a letter without quoting a single statute. In case of a vacancy, the general secretary of the Football Association of Zambia takes charge for 45 days, after which he calls for elections for new office bearers. Now COVID-19 is upon us, we should have been saying Mr Kashala has failed to call for elections because of COVID-19, not the continuation of people in office.”

Asked if it was not right for FIFA to intervene, Siwale argued that there was no crisis in Zambian football for FIFA to act in that manner.

“FIFA knows how to handle such kind of matters. FIFA as you described it, they would have appointed a normalisation committee if there were such kind of wars in inverted commas; they know how to handle a crisis. In this case there was no crisis, why extend the mandate of office when there is no crisis?” asked Siwale. “There is no crisis at all, it is all man-made by one person; in this case Andrew Kamanga who in 2009 formed a parallel structure called NFL, FIFA was called in, to mediate.”

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