PF relies on violence to retain power, win polls

There’s no doubt that the Patriotic Front is a violent political party that relies on violence to retain power, win elections.

And we should not be deceived by whatever Edgar Lungu says about peace. He is the source of all this violence and political intolerance. It’s his example that Patriotic Front cadres are following. His language is not of peace but violence. And Edgar rewards violence. Look at how many violent cadres are very close and have been awarded very important positions in his government!

And village headman Kapandula Elias Tembo of Mwangaila ward in Kapoche Constituency is right when he says if Patriotic Front cadres could have the guts to beat up a traditional leader like him, “what more a common citizen?”

He fears for intense violence in next year’s elections if Patriotic Front cadres are not disciplined.

Tembo says there’s no need for other people to be disadvantaged in terms of holding meetings when others were holding political meetings peacefully.

“Everyone should do a meeting. Mwaiwanu (Luckson Lungu, who is aspiring for the Kapoche seat on the PF ticket) should hold a meeting, Hakainde should hold a meeting and if they (PF cadres) disturb them (aspirants), I will ban them from holding meetings in my area,” says Tembo. “They didn’t do a good thing to beat me, a headman for that matter. I am not happy at all. We are the eyes of the chieftainess and whoever harasses us, harasses our chieftainess. Sanganicite so baja ma cadres nikusoba ulemu manje (they can’t do that to me, it’s lacking discipline). As a headman, I receive everyone as I don’t have a political side. Him, Charles [Banda] he is holding meetings but [for] his colleagues to hold meeting, they [PF cadres] bring war…next year’s elections should be peaceful, without violence. This violence should end before next year.”

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