Failure of a leader is failure of an entire community – Lungu

[By Changala Sichilongo]

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says transitions in life are usually critical moments.

During the induction service for Reverend Chipasha Musaba as general secretary of the United Church of Zambia yesterday, President Lungu said the success of a leader is the success of the entire community and that, similarly, the failure of a leader is the failure of an entire community.

“…I wish to remind you that the peace of the nation is the peace of the church, please pray for the nation without ceasing as the 2021 general elections approach,” he urged.

President Lungu noted that since January 16, 1965, the UCZ leadership has been peacefully changing leadership hands, “a practice that cannot be taken for granted”.

“You have indeed established yourselves a peaceful organisational transitioning model,” he said. “My government considers your church a strategic partner in carrying out social and economic development, and it shall continue to collaborate with you at various levels. I, therefore, look forward to strengthening such collaborations in areas of community development, health and education.”

President Lungu said transitions in life are usually critical moments.

“We are gathered here today to witness the change of leadership hands and our prayer is for a fresh and peaceful transition. We are confident of this fresh and peaceful transition because the church already has a strong leadership succession plan. This is an indication that God-given leadership does not come with complications. I would like to congratulate the church leadership for upholding this legacy,” he said. “The responsibility that has been bestowed on Rev Musaba today is massive. The Reverend is expected to harness resources that have been entrusted to his care for the next four years as general secretary. However, we should all realise that Reverend Musaba cannot do this alone but this calls for support of the leaders and church members.”

President Lungu noted that Rev Musaba’s predecessor, Rev Peggy Kabonde was a good example of a leader that had a strong support institution.

“She excelled beyond our expectations. I am confident that her successor will equally excel with your support. The success of a leader is the success of the entire community. Similarly, the failure of a leader is the failure of an entire community. We should therefore, bear in mind that the work of God needs all the people to work in unity,” he said. “Today the church needs leaders of unwavering loyalty and commitment to a cause they believe in. Such loyalty and commitment only come from God. I wish to encourage Reverend Musaba, that you are not alone. You are surrounded by a large crowd of champions who will be ready to cheer you up and support you. Throughout the bible, there was no major deliverance, victory or accomplishments of God’s people without the role of a leader. This is a big task on your hand which you should embrace with faith in God. Your calling as a leader should go beyond reproach because you are a leader for everybody. There should be no discrimination on tribal or regional grounds. Special leaders in the bible always carried special anointing for the task at hand. The anointing you have today is enough to see you through your years of service as a general secretary.”

President Lungu urged Rev Musaba to remember that his office also brings along with it challenges which he has to face.

“As a leader you should always find ways of resolving matters amicably. Resolving matters is an integral part of leadership. You will also utilise the strategies your predecessor and those who went ahead of you utilised,” said President Lungu. “…To the members of the United Church of Zambia, you have today a unique opportunity to excel and refuse to bow to the norm and the status quo. Let us rise above our challenges like the eagle in the sky and benefit the society we live in.”

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