Hotel sues Zambia Airports after fire damages buildings

OSLO Hotel Limited in Waterfalls area, Chongwe district has sued Zambia Airports Corporation Limited for negligence for failing to put out a fire in its overgrown grass within the airport premises which burnt part of the hotel buildings and resulted in loss and damage to property.

OSLO Hotel Limited is seeking damages for negligence, costs, interest and any other relief the Lusaka High Court may deem fit.

In its statement of claim, OSLO Hotel stated that on June 22, 2020, fire escaped from the overgrown grass in the airport’s premises to its hotel buildings, causing loss and damage to property.

“Particulars of loss and damage: Nine detached chalets, caretaker’s room, coffee shed, bar shed and three swimming pools were destroyed by the fire,” the hotel said.

It claimed that the replacement cost value of the destroyed buildings as at July 14, 2020 stood at K2,658,000.

The hotel said a year before the fire incident, its agents had attempted to clear the bush immediately near its premises but they were prevented from doing so by the defendant’s officers or agents who indicated that the area was prohibited and restricted from outsiders.

OSLO Hotel stated that the fire was able to escape to its premises due to the negligence of the defendant, which was; failing to maintain or trim the overgrown bushes within the defendant’s premises and failing to make a fire break in the form of graded road between the overgrown bushes and the hotel premises.

It said that the defendant also failed to put in place measures for early detection of fire within the airport premises before it could escape to neighbouring premises.

The hotel lamented that it has as a result suffered loss and damage.

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