THE story of the cat and mouse seems to be at play in the awaited FIFA-organised meeting between Football Association of Zambia and the aggrieved parties.

The aggrieved parties led by Damiano Mutale and Patson Lusaka claim that FAZ is not being sincere while the association says it is waiting for them to nominate people that should attend the virtual meeting.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said the association was dealing with people who did not mean well for the country’s most loved sport.

“We have not received anything from our aggrieved parties, as you are aware that they should have shared their accompanied details with us for us to submit to FIFA [so] that the meeting is set. But to date (Sunday) nothing has come, so we are still waiting to hear from the other side,” he said in an interview. “We are told that they wrote directly to FIFA but we don’t know, what channel of communication is that? Look, I think we are dealing with people who do not care about where Zambian football goes. I am sure people know that the people we are dealing with don’t care where Zambian football goes, as long as they are not there themselves, and for us it is something that worries us.”

Kashala said every sport, including football, has got rules that should be followed.

“It worries us as an institution, it is meant on bringing the game down. It is all about individuals and not as a country as the whole which is very dangerous for all of us. Institutions must run not based on individuals but based on the interest of the public,” said Kashala. “We are on the system to represent 18 million Zambians, and this game is not for a few people that are fighting FAZ; it is for the Zambians. If they are going to choose to put the name of the game in disgrace or they choose… all they want is that they must be there at all cost, which is not right. We need to follow rules and football is the game of rules. It is very clear on the FIFA letter, we are dealing with electoral dispute, we are not dealing with anything else. So, there is no way we are going to call the whole world and come and discuss [other] things.”

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