Lungu should be re-elected or we will be doomed – PF

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu deserves re-election next August because without him we are doomed, says Evans Fenete.

Fenete, a PF parliamentary aspirant for Livingstone, says opposition leaders are logorrhea (loquacity/talkativeness).

In an interview, Fenete said Zambia does not need to experiment with presidential leadership.

“I see over 10 presidential candidates all trying to get at His Excellency President Edgar Lungu next year, but I would like to warn that Zambians do not need to be fooled. The Head of State needs to be re-elected next August or we will be doomed. The PF has an ambitious programme to change the face of this country and it is being done in all areas without discrimination of which area voted for PF in 2016 and not,” he said. “Look at Kazungula, it’s a changed face all because of PF. Look at Livingstone, we got the best under PF with programmes some started by our late and founding father of PF Michael Sata, but are now being completed by President Edgar Lungu. The international bus station we have here will be the first of its kind in Zambia with state of the art systems. We had a PF member of parliament here honourable Lawrence Evans and we achieved a lot. So if we are to get the tourism sector back on track after being derailed by COVID-19, we need no other person apart from President Lungu and Livingstone residents need to help him by giving him a PF member of parliament.”

Fenete, a former senior police officer and now a prominent businessman in the hospitality industry, said President Lungu’s address to the National Assembly gave hope to major economic sectors especially the fragile tourism industry amidst COVID-19.

“The PF is the best cure for COVID-19, these others are just logorrhoea and have no alternatives for the people of Zambia,” said Fenete. “Yes, we have challenges but they are not insurmountable given a good leadership that exists in PF. We can overcome and we will make the lives of Zambians far better than any other opposition political party or leader.”

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