Lack of vision has cost Zambia – Phiri

ECONOMIC disaster begins with a philosophy of doing less and wanting to remain in power, says Abraham Phiri.

Phiri, the Copperbelt Advocates for Justice and Peace executive director, said lack of vision has cost Zambia.

He said there was no foresight from the current leadership to look at the plight of the people.

Phiri said, in an interview, that the more people are neglected, the greater their pain and eagerness to vote.

“Zambians are suffering, not because they want to suffer. It is because those charged with authority have neglected the people. It is now normal to buy expensive mealie-meal without those in authority caring or giving a listening ear to that … suffering. This is what power can do to some souls. They easily forget that they are elected to represent the interest of the people,” he said. “Economic disaster begins with a philosophy of doing less and wanting to remain in power. We have seen that those in authority are more interested in hanging on to power than looking at the welfare of the people. But power is in the hands of the same neglected people.”

Phiri said it was shocking that the economy had collapsed yet no one was seeing “this”.

He wondered how people with authority sleep when the majority are poor and suffering.

“Sometimes I wonder if we have care for our people. I think President Edgar Lungu is detached from reality, or maybe he is not told the truth. But as a leader and Head of State, he should have the details of how people are surviving,” he said.

“President Lungu is a leader who wants to be praised all the time. Just look at the number of small political parties that seem like a branch of PF, supporting even things they don’t know. These are seasoned ‘kandiles’ (opportunists) that will run away from him. We hope the President will listen for the better of our people.”

Phiri said 2021 would be a game-changer for the people of Zambia.

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