NDC bemoans poor roads in Central Province

NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) Central Province vice chairman Yona Mbewe has charged that the current PF leadership has failed to deliver on road infrastructure development in the region.

Mbewe, in a statement, said late president Michael Sata had prioritised the improvement of the road network across the country, but that his dream of having a land-linked Zambia has died a natural death.

“It is shocking yet not surprising how the current PF regime has lamentably failed to work on most road network in most parts of Central Province such as feeder roads and township roads. They are being surpassed by far when compared to other provinces in the country,” he said. “The PF has only responded to their myopic performance in this area with false promises. Yet, this issue of roads was their major campaign song to the people of Central Province since 2011. It is now clearer than ever before that the PF dream of a land linked country died with the passing on of the late president Michael Sata, and all that is left now is just a shell of false hopes and rhetoric about road infrastructure.”

Mbewe warned the PF against using the same campaign rhetoric prior to next year’s general election.

He called on all citizens to show the PF the exit door next year.

“It will be immoral for the current PF leadership to come in 2021 and still want to drive their fancy motorcades on the same poor road network when canvassing for votes from the people of Central Province who have suffered enough under the failed regime,” said Mbewe. “As NDC, we urge all well-meaning Zambians to rise and give the PF the well-deserved red card and show them the exit door, as they have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they do not have the moral fibre to deliver on this score and on any other development agenda.”

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