Govt appoints committee to probe illegal land allocation in Kitwe

THE Ministry of Local Government has appointed an adhoc committee to investigate illegal allocation of land surrounding the Presidential Lodge in Kitwe.

The Ministry of Local Government has suspended the Kitwe City Council and Lusaka City Council for three months.

Kitwe Town Clerk Mbulo Seke said the committee has given the residents of Kitwe to give oral and written submissions on illegal land activities.

“The Ministry of Local Government has appointed an ad hoc committee to investigate alleged illegal and disorderly allocations of land surrounding the Presidential Lodge and other areas in Kitwe district. The Local Government Administrator, who is also the chairperson for the committee, is calling on residents of Kitwe to make oral or written submissions to the committee as it sits in the Council Chamber from Monday 21st September to Tuesday 29th September, 2020,” said Seke.

He called on people who have plots around the Ndeke Presidential Lodge to make submissions.

“All those who acquired plots or bought or claim to have been allocated plots surrounding Ndeke Presidential Lodge are specially invited to make submissions,” said Seke. “The general public is also encouraged and welcome to forward their submissions to the committee on alleged illegal and disorderly allocation of land in other areas of Kitwe district.”

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