There are challenges but PF found them – Lusamabo

WHETHER we like it or not come 2021 Edgar Lungu is back to State House, Kabushi PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo has declared.

He says while the PF accepts that there are challenges, “but it is not us who have created these challenges, we found them”.

Lusambo urged farmers to support the PF government because it provides them with farming inputs.

Addressing a rally at Shinde Stadium in Mufulira on Saturday, Lusambo said President Lungu has done a lot for the Zambian people.

He said it was shameful for Mopani Copper Mines to start fencing off a dump site.

“Whether we like it or not, Edgar Chagwa Lungu in 2021 is back to State House,” Lusambo said.

“When I was coming I was told the stadium is full, but it is not President Lungu or the Vice –[President] speaking. President Lungu knows all the problems in the Copperbelt and here in Mufulira. There is no one who can lie to the President. The President has sent me here to tell you that all the markets in Mufulira will get empowerment. K200,000 in all the markets here in Mufulira as a revolving fund.”

He said President Lungu can’t manage to give money door-to-door.

Lusambo claimed that jobs would be created at Mopani once the government gets more shares from the majority shareholders, Glencore.

“So we need to empower the markets and small businesses so that all benefit. We know that money used to come but you have never seen the money. Me, if the money comes, it will go to the people that are in need. I know that people need jobs here. Now in the mines, Mopani was only employing a few, but the government of Lungu is buying the shares in the mines so we will go back to the days of ZCCM-IH. So support Edgar Lungu and everything will come,” he urged. “I have told you that me I am the bulldozer. We want those that need to get, will get… So on Monday, I will be at Mopani in Kitwe, whether they like it or not, they will give you your money. For the ex-miners, we will give you land very soon. What we are in is like marriage, you can’t be happy every day. We in PF, yes, we accept there are challenges, but it is not us who have created these challenges, we found them. We will solve them anyway.”

Lusambo said the PF was busy with projects and would not be involved in violence and insults.

“We have a lot of projects which we do as PF. We don’t involve ourselves in politics of violence and insults. Me, the President sent me to come and tell you about the issues of empowerment and ex-miners. You have seen what the President has done for the country,” he said.

Lusambo said there was no way Mopani can start to fence dump sites.

“So we need to go and ask the President for the black mountain. Now we hear that Mopani has started to fence the black mountain, but ba Mopani shuwa, kuti babika fence kuchishala (how can Mpoani fence off the dump site)?” he asked.

Earlier, when he called on Mufulira district commissioner Mike Manda, Lusambo said he expected the farmers to support the government.

“We expect a lot of support from here. We know it is a mining town with a lot of challenges, but we are happy that the government of Edgar Lungu has diversified the town to agriculture. These sectors that the President has created is not for villagers only. For many years we believed that farming was for villagers but not anymore,” he said. “The question to the people getting our inputs, is that we are putting in a lot of money. So we expect the farmers to remember the government. If farmers can come with a move to just sell two bags to the government…But we see we give our FISP to farmers but we end up seeing our maize in Congo and other countries. This is not fair.”

Lusambo said President Lungu was busy working for the people.

“President Lungu is not sleeping but busy working for the people. So why should some small-scale farmers opt to sell their maize to other countries? So in the 2020 farming season, the farmers should remember us also as we give them inputs also,” said Lusambo.

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