PF will sweat blood in 2021 – Chifire

GREGORY Chifire says victories scored by the PF in the recent by-elections have no bearing on the forthcoming general elections.

Reacting to the PF triumph in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe by-elections, Chifire dismissed the victories as fake as they were secured through inducement with money and gifts.

“Come 2021, it will be a different ball game. There won’t be enough money to pay every eligible voter. It will be a time of reconnecting. 2021 will be judgment day for PF,” he said.

Chifire, the exiled governance expert and human rights activist, noted that the PF camped Cabinet ministers in every ward of the two constituencies but that won’t be the case in August 2021.

“Remember, there won’t be any Cabinet ministers, Parliament would have been dissolved. Each former minister as it were, will be fighting for their own survival. They will be sweating blood. The terrain is rough for PF. The odds are against them,” he said.

The Southern African Network against Corruption (SANAC) director said the 2021 elections were about the people versus PF as in the party facing the wrath of the people.

“Zambians are very patient; they are just waiting for that day to avenge the injustices they have suffered at the hands of the PF,” he said.

Chifire warned that Zambians might be docile but were far from being stupid.

“Ubuchenjeshi bwa nkonko pungwa tasakamana (A hawk is never bothered by a chicken’s tactics),” he said.

Chifire said the results for the recent by-elections should not discourage anyone but urged citizens to dust themselves and move on.

“Lukashya is not Lusaka, Mwansabombwe is not Copperbelt. These constituencies are in their (PF) strongholds. Remember PF can only win in Northern, Muchinga, Luapula and parts of Eastern Province. They will only win in four out of 10 provinces. Whatever witchcraft they will employ cannot work. These guys are gone and they know it,” he said.

Chifire said there was too much pressure on President Edgar Lungu and his gang as they were living on borrowed time, hence trying to comfort themselves with by-election results.

He further said 2021 brings the second wave of liberation struggle as Zambians have to liberate themselves from corruption, incompetence, tribalism, thuggery and dictatorship.

“We need not relent, we need to be strong. There will be those among us who will faint and look back like Lot’s wife in the Bible, especially those who love money, who are not ready to endure one more night, it’s expected. But let’s encourage the weak souls, let’s soldier on for victory is certain,” he said.

Chifire said it was never going to be easy to remove the PF from power but that it was the only choice citizens have “otherwise giving the ruling party another five years would be a disaster”.

He said the PF have no message for Zambians apart from violence and bribes.

“They will come with everything they have, including violence and money because those are the only things they have. They don’t have any message apart from violence and bribes. We should be prepared to defeat them. Eat their money, don’t vote for them. Remember that PF is not a political party but a militia. They will draw their swords, but we are more than them. We shall defeat them,” Chifire said.

He said the 2021 elections were a make or break for Zambians because destiny was in their own hands.

He implored Zambians to change the direction of the country.

Chifire further urged the opposition to reflect on the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe results and make necessary amends ahead of the 2021 elections.

“Let’s not leave it to opposition political parties to defeat PF alone. We must all be involved. Actually the biggest opposition to PF is us the people, not UPND, not Socialist Party, not Democratic Party, not NDC, but us. Let’s join hands and learn from what happened in the recent by-elections to mend the few mistakes,” Chifire said.

He urged the opposition to create messages that resonate with the rural voters so as to increase voting margins.

“To the opposition in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe should make us reflect on their weaknesses and help them mend those weaknesses. The opposition may not win in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula, but should just work on improving margins,” said Chifire. “Where we have come from is far compared to where we are going. The night is far spent, daybreak is almost here. It is always darkest before dawn. I plead with you fellow Zambians not to give up. We are almost crossing river Jordan. Don’t fall for whatever temptation PF will bring. I know the serpent will appear to Eve to entice her to eat the fruit, please resist that serpent. A little more sacrifice will lead us to the promised land. I can see its shores, I know you can too.”

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