Political rallies are back

It seems political rallies are now permissible.

This past weekend the Patriotic Front was busy with political rallies.

On Saturday Bowman Lusambo addressed a political rally at Shinde Stadium in Mufulira.

“When I was coming I was told the stadium is full, but it is not President Lungu or the Vice –[President] speaking. President Lungu knows all the problems in the Copperbelt and here in Mufulira. There is no one who can lie to the President. The President has sent me here to tell you that all the markets in Mufulira will get empowerment. K200,000 in all the markets here in Mufulira as a revolving fund,” said Lusambo. “Me, the President sent me to come and tell you about the issues of empowerment and ex-miners. You have seen what the President has done for the country.”

We hope all other political parties will be allowed to freely and peacefully hold their rallies and other meetings.

Next year’s elections will not be free and fair if it is only the ruling Patriotic Front that is allowed to hold rallies and other meetings. There’s need for a level play field.

And the Patriotic Front and its government have not done well in levelling political play field. Even at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic they were busy holding meetings while the opposition and other civil society organisations were not permitted to do so. Police, working with Patriotic Front cadres, were used to harass every opposition gathering.

There’s need to always remember that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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