Sejani’s fixation on Lungu annoys PF

THE ruling PF is annoyed that Ackson Sejani is fixated on maligning President Edgar Lungu.

PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza called The Mast on Monday and extolled President Lungu’s governance record.

Mwanza was responding to remarks by Sejani, a former cabinet minister, that President Lungu respected no one and that the President was more comfortable in a dictator’s skin.

Mwansa said as the PF, “we are very concerned with the level of fixation that one Sejani seems to have over President Edgar Lungu.”

“This man seems to be suffering from some psychological problems, because hardly a day can pass without him saying something negative about President Lungu,” he said. “It’s very clear that he is extremely paranoid – he has some psychological problems because he is very fixated on President Lungu and we are worried.”

On the specific allegations raised by Sejani, Mwanza noted that the former Mapatizya member of parliament forgets that President Lungu was democratically elected at the general conference.

“He is the first President, since president [Kenneth] Kaunda, who has ensured that Zambia has the 50 + 1 majoritarian rule. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, as a true democrat, has allowed the media to have free space, so that people like Sejani can be having headlines on a daily basis,” he said. “The President has allowed the flourishing of the media, he has allowed the rule of law – the independence of the judiciary, the independence of the legislature.”

Mwanza laughed that Sejani, whose party president Hakainde Hichilema has never been subjected a general conference since 2006, “can be the one lecturing us on democracy.”

“If Mr Sejani wants to talk about democracy, first he has to go to his party president and tell him to be democratic enough,” he said. “When he talks about violence, we find it very difficult to get lectures…. Actually, it’s an insult that a man like Mr Sejani, whose name will forever be associated with the violent Mapatizya formula can today be the one trying to lecture us on political violence.”

Mwanza added: “the Mapatizya formula was launched by one Sejani and it was meant to kill, maim and destroy people that don’t belong to UPND.”

“This is a man who belongs to a party that believes in panga for panga…He comes from a party that has beaten journalists, political opponents and a party that was doing tribal cleansing in Namwala…We want this man to take a back seat and examine himself,” Mwanza said.

He further asserted that President Lungu had taken specific measures to end political violence in this country.

Mwanza said it was laughable that the UPND could be decrying corruption when some of its members of parliament ‘corruptly’ got land in forest 27, east of Lusaka.

On Lungu’s 2021 eligibility, Mwanza said such was settled by the court.

“This question of saying the President has held office twice was answered. The UPND in court argued as an interested party. They raised all those issues and they were conclusively answered by the court. The court said President Edgar Chagwa Lungu did not complete a term…” Mwanza said.

“The fact that he held office twice does not mean that he has served two terms. We have a copy of the judgment which we can happily deliver to Mr Sejani, where he is, so that he can have a good understanding of this case. The story of a fictitious third term is a ploy to hoodwink Zambians to rise against the President.”

Mwanza said the UPND rank and file was scared of President Lungu and that’s the reason they were trying to malign and mudsling him.

“But they must know that as the Patriotic Front are settled for President Lungu and his eligibility is not in question. In 2021 he will be on the ballot paper and he will win the elections again and finally retire the UPND president,” said Mwanza.

“So, there is no story about Bill 10, third term, violence, corruption; the opposition have no manifesto and they have nothing to say to the people of Zambia. President Lungu is providing excellent leadership and we want Mr Sejani to reflect. This fixation is not good for his health!”

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