MMD president Nevers Mumba says he will be very interested to go to court with the PF and divulge more information there, about how the ruling party allegedly gravely rigged the Lukashya vote recently.

He insists that the PF in the Lukashya parliamentary by-election engaged into grave and embarrassing malpractices and that he could not stomach that ‘fact.’

At the MMD secretariat in Lusaka on Monday, Mumba told journalists that the PF rigged the Lukashya poll result and that such was overdone.

The following day, opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili asserted that the MMD is simply tasting its own medicine on rigging, for it birthed the vice when it was in government.

He called for Mumba to tone down on that topic.

On its 19:30 hours main news on Tuesday, CAMENT TV video-called Mumba to respond to Kambwili’s assertion.

Mumba said two wrongs could never make a right.

“Whether it is done by my party or another party, a wrong act and an immoral act or a corrupt act is still immoral and it is wrong. We should never take pride in saying ‘MMD did [and] so, let’s do it,’” Mumba reacted. “I think that’s a terrible precedent for anybody that must move the country forward.”

Asked if he felt directly attacked by Kambwili’s remarks, the former high commissioner to Canada responded that: “I don’t think so.”

“I think that Honourable Kambwili was trying to highlight a concern that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, in its time, entertained this kind of behaviour. It’s important to note that I was a victim of the MMD’s malpractices when I was leading the National Citizens Commission,” he said. “So, I know exactly what I’m talking about. Well, the MMD has a new president; that action or those actions were not done under my leadership. Therefore, I cannot take full responsibility for it. Of course, America has a new President, President [Donald] Trump – it does not mean every Republican president does what he does.”

Mumba indicated that he contextually understood Kambwili’s concern.

He was, however, quick to note that he was totally opposed to any system that robes Zambians of their freedom to choose their own political leader.

“Whether it’s MMD or PF, no one has any legal right to steal the rights of the Zambian people,” Mumba asserted.

Asked by the news caster, Liseli Kanyanga-Mubanga, if he had evidence that the Lukashya vote was rigged, Mumba said as a Pastor he could not make a groundless statement.

“First of all, they (some PF officials) have mentioned about going to court; I would be very interested to go to court with them and it’s only there that I’m going to reveal the information that I have,” Mumba said. “Of course, I’m a Pastor [and] I’m not going to make a statement that is founded on nothing.”

Mumba further regrets that those in the PF do not recognise the fact when a person like him raises a concern, “I’m not doing politics.”

“My vision for ‘Zambia shall be saved’ entails that we do whatever we can as a people and as leaders to clean up the political process of our country,” he said. “It is in the interest of the Patriotic Front that they take time to answer me; I’m not just a political leader of a political party [but] I’m a former [Republican] vice-president.”

Mumba said when he raises such concerns, “I’m raising them in the interest of the nation, on behalf of all of us that were not there to witness the malpractices [in Lukashya].”

“They (malpractices) were grave, embarrassing [and] below what I can stomach and I’m sure many Zambians will not stomach that. It’s not about winning or losing the election; it’s about leaving a legacy of a clean system that our children are going to elect for themselves leaders of their own choice,” Mumba said. “We need to do whatever we can as leaders not to react to Nevers Mumba but to ask the question ‘ladies and gentlemen, what is Nevers talking about? Can we sit down with him? Can we do this thing together?’”

He also said he was not willing to leave the topic of electoral malpractices for only 2021 elections.

“I’m not willing that we leave it for that time. Let’s talk now, let’s clean it (electoral system) now. Let’s not be emotional, let’s not try to jump ship. Let us do what leaders are supposed to do – we must clean the electoral process,” stressed Mumba.

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