Kalaba’s only credible option is to work with – UBZ

THE Democratic Party has won an endorsement from another opposition party, the United for Better Zambia, ahead of the August 2021 general elections.

United for Better Zambia (UBZ) is headed by Hector Soondo.

He said all Zambians need to unite for the betterment of the country and later on vote out the PF.

Soondo noted that it was a well-known fact that the PF had failed Zambians, especially under the Edgar Lungu presidency.

“Our appeal is for all parties to unite if we are to remove PF and replace it with a responsible and accountable leadership that will uphold good governance under the DP president, Harry Kalaba,” Soondo said in a statement yesterday.

“As UBZ, we have taken time to look around the various leaders in the opposition and came to the conclusion that if we are to remove PF government through the ballot, with all the pain and anguish they have caused the citizens of this country, the only credible option is to work with Harry Kalaba and the DP for the betterment of Zambia.”

He called on all Zambians, regardless of their political inclinations, to join hands and support Kalaba’s presidential bid, for a better and prosperous Zambia.

Soondo said Zambia’s fortunes needed to be restored.

“We also need to heal the tribal divide as well as this uneven distribution of wealth. We are calling on our brothers in UPND, NDC, MMD, PAC, APC and even those in PF who believe in a better and prosperous Zambia to come to the table and work together with the DP,” Soondo said. “Together we can change the leadership of this country and remove President Lungu who has failed to provide leadership at a very critical time.”

To other opposition parties, Soondo reminded them that Zambia was bigger than any political party.

“The suffering of our citizens will be on us if we allow President Lungu and the PF another five years. Let us set aside our selfish ambitions,” urged Soondo. “Let us set aside all tribal leanings and decide to give Harry Kalaba a chance and unite in our quest to remove the PF from government and save ourselves and the generations to come from untold misery and hunger.”

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