If you are living in a glass house don’t throw stones

It’s not difficult to guess why the police has issued a call-out for Nevers Mumba.

The callout follows his statement on Monday alleging that the Patriotic Front rigged the Luakashya parliament by-election and that they overdid it.

It cannot be denied or concealed that there were many flaws in the management and conduct of the Lukashya parliamentary by-election.

It is the Electoral Commission of Zambia that should be responding to Nevers’ allegations and not the police. Why is the Zambia Police trying to take a lead in responding to Nevers’ charges? Is it because they were part of the unacceptable practices that took place in Lukashya? They say the guilty are afraid!

Actually, the policing of the Lukashya parliamentary by-election was embarrassing. The police were going around heavily armed in riot control vehicles but were not able to stop Patriotic Front cadres from destroying a motor vehicle of the UPND candidate at Shoprite in broad daylight. What was the purpose of all that police show off? To intimidate!

The Zambia Police is highly involving itself in what are clearly political matters on the side of the Patriotic Front.

It’s clear the senior police command has come to a realisation that its survival lies in the Patriotic Front continuing to hold power. A change of government will certainly mean the end of their jobs. They have not conducted themselves in an impartial manner to be tolerated by any new government. They have not been fair to the opposition to be tolerated by any other political party other than the Patriotic Front.

But the summoning of Nevers is a miscalculation. Prosecuting Nevers can boomerang. It may end up as an election petition. Is this really what they are seeking? Do they want an election petition?

It is said that if you are living in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones.

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