ECZ is playing a dangerous game with voters roll – Chifire

GREGORY Chifire says what the Electoral Commission of Zambia is doing on the voter registration is reminiscent to playing a game of Russian roulette.

The exiled human rights and governance activist said the ECZ was playing a very dangerous game that has potential to plunge the country in serious turmoil.

Chifire said it was clear that the ECZ was working very hard to advantage the ruling PF.

“They are working overtime to rig the elections for the PF using the voters register. They are determined to do anything to make sure PF wins elections in 2021,” he said.

Chifire, who is also executive director of the Southern African Network against Corruption (SANAC), urged Zambians to reject the manoeuvres by ECZ to discard the old voters roll and create a new one that would advantage the ruling party.

“If anything, the move to delete the old register is not backed by law. It is illegal. The ECZ has no legal mandate to delete a voter’s register but to add more voters on to it,” he said.

Chifire further noted that the current ECZ commissioners headed by justice Esau Chulu had compromised the integrity of the institution and must thus with immediate effect resign, together with ECZ electoral officer Patrick Shindano.

He said for as long as the current leadership at ECZ remains in office, the integrity of future elections would be in very serious doubt.

Chifire said judge Chulu and his team at ECZ had created an unhealthy electoral system that had potential to ignite civil strife in “our peaceful country”.

“Zambia is too big to allow few individuals at ECZ to bring about instability. Elections are a very emotive undertaking that require managers and referees that are not only perceived to be impartial but are actually impartial indeed. Unfortunately, the ECZ commissioners and top management don’t meet this benchmark. Zambians will not accept results coming from a fraudulent system. Winners must win fairly and losers must lose with the same measure of fairness. That’s how elections ought to be,” Chifire said.

He said should the ECZ succeed in their “illegal and evil plans” of manipulating the voters roll, the commissioners and top management should be held personally liable for the consequences.

“ECZ is treading dangerously by tempting Zambians into being what they are not,” said Chifire.

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