No normal person would describe recent by-elections as fair -Luonde

FATHER Richard Luonde says the ruling PF’s DNA is all about stealing and murder, among other things.

Fr Luonde, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) national chairperson, said no normal person would describe the recent Lukashya campaigns and election as fair.

“I’m just coming from Lukashya, Northern Province where our party NDC went to campaign together with UPND in the just gone by-election. It was a campaign that a normal thinking human being would not say was a fair campaign unless you were a criminal and do not love peace,” he told The Mast.

“Would a reasonable mind call the election free and fair? Social media was awash with damaged assets of the opposition in full view of the police with no action coming from our law enforcers. We as NDC are lucky in that we took precautions in making sure that our branded vehicles were not damaged. Is this the Zambia we want to leave for our children and their children’s children, where right becomes a wrong and a wrong becomes a right as long as one belongs to the party in power?”

Fr Luonde said if a research were conducted, PF would be found with more criminally minded members than the opposition combined.

“My fellow Zambians, I’ve never seen a country develop if it is led by people who have no regard for the other person with a different opinion. This is what we have found ourselves in with this government. My fellow Zambians, for how long does the useless kwacha, citenge, T-shirt and mealie-meal they give you sustain your lives?” asked Fr Luonde.

“Zambians, this is what our forefathers and mothers fought for during the independence struggle. Abash and to hell with the stinking tribalism slowly swallowing our beloved beautiful God-given country.”

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