Why seek a third term with such a negative record?

With his very negative record, it’s very difficult to understand why Edgar Lungu is seeking a third term of office.

Why would anyone with such a bad record want to continue as President of our Republic?

Edgar’s whole reign has been characterised by unbridled intolerance, violence, corruption and moral decay.

Put on the scale, Edgar would weigh the least of all the six men who have been presidents of this country.

The country has never seen such a reckless, intolerant, violent and corrupt president. Edgar is reckless in every sense of the word. His has been a reckless management of the economy – uncontrolled borrowing and irrational expenditure.

Edgar’s political language has been that of violence – threats of crushing those who try to stand in his way like a tonne of bricks!

Under his reign the nation has witnessed the worst forms of political violence. And this is confirmed by the Commission he, himself, appointed to look into the political violence following the 2016 elections. Edgar today leads the most violent political party ever seen in this country. He has a Minister of Home Affairs who is equally violent in his language and who is often accompanied by violence wherever he goes.

Under Edgar’s rule we had people going around gassing people in their homes. But to date no one has been arrested and prosecuted for this. Why?

Edgar has institutionalised corruption. No one is removed from public office for corruption. Why? Look at how quickly he has enriched himself since becoming President! His wealth more than doubled in less than a year of being President. How?

Gary Nkombo is right when he says there was nothing good to remember Edgar for.

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