Lesa ali nokumikanda, Tonga tells PF

ENOCK Tonga has described the 2021 national budget as a tool to institutionalise corruption in the country.

In his reflection on the K119.6 billion presented by finance minister Bwalya Ng’andu on Friday, Tonga, the 3rd Liberation Movement leader warned that God would punish President Edgar Lungu and his team.

“Lesa ali nokumikanda (God will punish you)! We are not resting until Zambia gets her total liberation soon. In the absence of a non-bailable law on corruption, which law, President Edgar C. Lungu, his entire Cabinet, National Assembly of Zambia and all the corrupt institutions and individuals in Zambia are not willing to have it enacted, the entire document (2021 budget), which is full of nothing, but incremental figures, remains an academic exercise and only meant to officially legalise stealing (corrupt) and benefit the hard core white collar criminals,” said Tonga. “… if not the rotten – who are hiding behind neckties and jackets in the name of service, when in fact are inflating their tummies with stolen public resources amidst induced political poverty and slavish exerted on the poor people.”

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