UN democratisation must not be postponed – Diaz-Canel

CUBA has called for urgent reforms in the United Nations.

Addressing the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel said the global body should not postpone its democratisation.

He pledged Cuba’s commitment to abiding by the UN Charter.

“It is urgent to reform the UN. This powerful organisation, which emerged after the loss of millions of lives in two world wars and as a result of a world understanding of the importance of dialogue, negotiation, cooperation and international law, must not postpone any further its updating and democratisation,” he said. “Today´s world needs the UN just as the one where it came into being did.
Something that is very special and profound has failed, as evidenced by the daily and permanent violation of the UN Charter principles, and by the ever-increasing use or threat of use of force in international relations.”

He said there was no need to delay the process further.

“There is no way to sustain any longer, as if it were natural and unshakable, an unequal, unjust and anti-democratic international order where selfishness prevails over solidarity and the mean interests of a powerful minority over the legitimate aspirations of millions of people,” President Díaz-Canel said.
“Notwithstanding the dissatisfactions and the demands for change that, together with other states and millions of citizens in the world, we are presenting to the UN, the Cuban Revolution shall always uphold the existence of the organisation, to which we owe the little but indispensable multilateralism that is surviving imperial overbearance.”

Meanwhile, the Cuban leader has asked the other nations to value human beings more than profits amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“We cannot face COVID-19, hunger, unemployment and the growing economic and social inequalities between individuals and countries as unrelated phenomena. There is an urgency to implement integrated policies that prioritise human beings and not economic profits or political advantages,” said President Díaz-Canel. “It would be a crime to postpone decisions that are for yesterday and for today. It is imperative to promote solidarity and international cooperation to lessen the impact. Only the UN, with its world membership, has the required authority and reach to resume the just struggle to write off the uncollectable foreign debt which, aggravated by the social and economic effects of the pandemic, is threatening the survival of the peoples of the South.”

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