Let’s learn to coexist, Sialubalo urges Zambians

SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo says it is shameful that Zambians cannot share anything meaningful on a political platform apart from pointing fingers at each other as being UPND, PF or NDC.

He expressed concern that despite the country having embraced democracy, the levels of intolerance among political players were still high.

“It is shameful that despite the country having attained 55 years of independence, people cannot share anything meaningful on a political platform other than pointing fingers at each other as being UPND, PF or NDC,” he said.

Sialubalo said the situation was worrisome as to what would happen as the country approaches the general elections next year.

“Going by happenings in by-elections it’s difficult to see a peaceful 2021 general election in Zambia. Youths are fighting each other when they are supposed to be at the peak of leadership,” he said, in an interview.

Sialubalo said little was being done to help young people realise that politics was not about killing each other but a battle of ideologies.

“Politicians must be peaceful and always remember that there is only one Zambia. We have nowhere else to run to. Let’s take politics from the angle of Christianity, that a brother should live with a brother. So as a people, let’s learn to coexist peacefully,” he urged.

Sialubalo challenged Zambians to ask themselves if this was the same country they had proudly known to be very peaceful.

“We are going through real difficult times as a people, as a country and we’ll leave it to Zambians to decide but my advice to all Zambians is that please this time around let’s try UPND and Hakainde Hichilema. Some may doubt us but if it is up to Zambians to decide according to the hardships they are going through now, then UPND will form government next year,” he said. Sialubalo wondered how the ruling PF would easily win next year’s general elections if Zambians facing hardships now will be allowed to freely cast votes.

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