Lungu is a strong man – Rev Mwale

REFORMED Church in Zambia (RCZ) Reverend Abraham Mwale says President Edgar Lungu would have resigned if he was not strong because of numerous challenges that the country has been facing.

And first lady Esther Lungu urged people to learn to encourage each other to develop a culture of giving.

During a church service attended by the first lady at Chipata Main RCZ church on Sunday, Rev Mwale urged people to encourage their leaders so that they succeeded.

“Are you going to be part of those that are busy insulting in the name of politics? The Word of God says it is your responsibility to rise above such. When others say, let us insult, you should say ‘I cannot do that’. Let us encourage our leaders. If you can’t encourage your leaders who else will do that?” he asked. “The first lady is here, one of the presidents that has seen heaven and hell is our President. When he came in, there was the issue of gassing, then other problems followed. If he was someone else, he would have resigned. I am just imagining myself that he must be a strong man, maybe she (Esther) would have been encouraging [him]; hold on, hold on. Every leader needs the support of the other.”

Rev Mwale urged people to encourage each other in life.

“There are people out there who need your support for their living to continue. There are many people who are suffering, they are the best way to describe poverty. And yet you are there, what are you doing to help them? For every person to progress there must be a team of people to encourage you, encourage even your pastor in church,” said Rev Mwale. “For the pastor to be successful he needs your encouragement – he needs your support. There could be no development without other people to support you. Use speech to encourage each other, speech is a seed that can bring both goodness and bitterness. God should guide us to show acts of love to each other. When you pray for others, God gives you triple blessings.”

And Esther said the preaching by Rev Mwale had encouraged her to do more.

“We all have something to give; it could be financial support or material support, let us develop that culture of giving,” said Esther. “We should ask for wisdom from God every time. There is no any other place where one can be happier than the House of the Lord. And I am honoured and I am very happy.”

Esther donated foodstuffs and facemasks to the church.

She also donated K10,000 to the women’s ministry in the church.

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