LET’S PRAY FOR KAMBWILI FAMILY…it’s a season that’s come, it’s going to pass – Nevers

NEVERS Mumba has called on Zambians to continue praying for National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili.

Following Kambwili’s conviction and sentencing to two years on two charges, to run concurrently, Mumba who is Movement for Multiparty Democracy president urged the public to continue fighting for justice.

He expressed shock that Lusaka Magistrates’ Court principal resident magistrate David Simusamba who presided over Kambwili’s forgery case, was still around and serving in the judiciary.

“Having said that, we are praying for the family, the Kambwili family, we are praying for the NDC. We are praying that God may give them strength during this time, and to know that things come and go; even this thing will go. All we ask for is equity in justice. We hope that there will be no hindrance in getting bail,” he said. “Second of all, I am surprised that Magistrate Simusamba is still here. I didn’t know that he’s still here because I’ve a letter from the Judicial [Complaints] Commission in which they have proposed that he steps down, based on some of the issues that have happened to certain cases, including mine. Let’s keep fighting for the justice in our country and for better governance, moving forward.”

Mumba narrated his own ordeal under magistrate Simusamba two years ago.

He said Kambwili’s case was part of a test on the country’s judiciary.

“When I was sent to prison by the same magistrate (Simusamba), when my lawyers went to apply for bail, he was nowhere to be seen. So, I hope this time he’s going to be available in order to deal with this matter equitably; that’s all I can say. But we are praying for the Kambwili family and the NDC,” Mumba said. “First of all, we must accept that God is the only God of justice, before we talk about the…of this case. However, we only hope that the lawyers are going to get the bail for him now because it’s his constitutional right. All these things are part of proving whether our justice system works. And, therefore, we really expect that they’re going to treat him fairly, and there will be no political undertones to this matter.”

Asked if it was a political matter, Mumba responded: “In the court case we are going to consider it as a legal process. Internationally and to many Zambians, it’s political victimisation because honourable Kambwili was minister in this government. These cases are from before. They should have brought these cases when he was minister.”

He called for a justice system that would be free from political interference.

“And that’s why I’m insisting that even the ministers that are in government today, I do not want us to wait until they leave government to deal with…matter; it becomes political persecution. If honourable Kambwili was not asked questions when he was in government, why is he being asked now?” Mumba asked. “All I’m saying is that let’s be equitable in the manner that we deal with all of us so that we don’t give a perception of injustice. The justice roll is being written about the PF. And it is important what chapters they constitute because this book will be read for many years to come on how they dispensed justice to all of us. So, we pray again for the family of the Kambwilis and also for the leadership and the membership of NDC. It’s a season that has come, but it’s also a season that’s going to pass.”

Earlier upon arrival at court, Mumba said he was there to witness the writing of the country’s justice book.

“Well, we are here to support our brother, and today the judgment is being read out. We are really here to show solidarity and to let the Zambian people know that when it comes to justice, we would like justice to be equally distributed to all citizens,” said Mumba. “There should not be others that are going to be free and others to be intimidated. So, we think that we need to witness this because the book for justice is being written for Zambia, and we wanna make sure we can watch it as it is being written.”

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