The preacher has gotten it wrong

Reformed Church in Zambia’s Reverend Abraham Mwale says President Edgar Lungu would have resigned if he was not strong because of numerous challenges that the country has been facing.

“When he came in, there was the issue of gassing, then other problems followed. If he was someone else, he would have resigned. I am just imagining myself that he must be a strong man,” says Rev Mwale.

We don’t agree with Rev Mwale. Actually, the opposite is true. If Edgar was strong he would have resigned. Edgar and his minions created the challenges he is facing to keep themselves in power. But most of their schemes have backfired. The gassing that the nation experienced was their own political scheme which boomeranged.

They went on unbridled borrowing and irrational infrastructure projects which have bankrupted the country, ruining the economy and creating veritable chaos.

Edgar has caused untold suffering of the masses. If he had a sense of justice in his heart and some moral courage he would have resigned. But instead the man is engaging in all sorts of shenanigans to give himself a third term of office. Is this really courage? This is not courage; it is something very far away from courage.

Courageous people have a sense of remorse and show contrition. Edgar doesn’t have any of that.

The preacher is not telling the truth – he has gotten it totally wrong.

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