NATIONAL team coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojević says he knows what he is doing in drilling the national team to the heights it deserves.

Lately, there have been speculations that the coach has lost the dressing room after national team captain Kabaso Chongo was sent away for technical reasons.

Addressing journalists at Football House yesterday, Micho said there was need to return the country’s football to normal.

“Playing for Zambia needs to be a special thing to someone. There’s need to give back to the people and Zambia is the mother of every player. And being in football is to have the power of making people happy,” he said. “Any person that is called to the national team [and] is not willing to play, sit or be out on the bench by the decision made by the technical bench, that person is wasting his time. This does not collide with the interest in the national team.’’

He also complained about situations where people exaggerated issues.

“And I would like without any aspect of manipulations, of speculations, without any aspect of making a mosquito looking [like an] elephant. This is what is disturbing our team. You have some of your colleagues (journalists), have done behind about losing dressing room, this and that, whatsoever,’’ Micho said. ‘’Listen, I’ve enough in this job, as 27 years in coaching and 20 years in African football. I know what I’m doing. And before doing anything, I have a three times measure before going into the execution. And I would like to clarify here a very important aspect. You know, they have been 12 people in the interview before me becoming the coach…’’

Micho asked to be judged based on his past performance with other African teams.

He said he had the best interest of Zambian football.

“And you need to see the result how far I have been, and it has not been by accident. Zambian players have been my respectful opponents and it’s every single Zambian player. I mean top class relations,” Micho said. “Therefore, they are my friends privately, but I put privacy aside and I look professionally in front of you when I’m talking about this. I would like to clearly state [a] very important aspect as the guardian of the best interests of Chipolopolo. I will continue to follow the principles, follow the belief, follow the things that are making Chipolopolo returning to normalcy.”

Micho called for standards to get back the country’s superior image in African football.

He also clarified on what led to the ejection of team captain Kabaso Chongo from camp.

“TP Mazembe has the ministry of defence in Kabaso Chongo. And he has won everything from the club aspect, playing in the national team has certain differences; differences that when you play in the club you are everyday with players and you meet with them and have a different relation,” said Micho. “When you play for the national team you simply need to click with others and whatsoever; meaning without looking about things outside, without looking about training itself…’’

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