KAMBWILI FIXED…those in opposition expect more of this – Chisala

THERE is no time to sit quietly as traits of dictatorship continue to grow, says All Nations Church General Overseer Bishop Timothy Chisala.

Bishop Chisala said the conviction of NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili is out of vengeance to silence divergent views.

Reflecting on Kambwili’s imprisonment for one year by Lusaka Magistrates’ Court, Bishop Chisala said political persecution will continue to grow as the country nears 2021.

“There is a fear of losing power. This fear is imminent. So those on the other side should expect more of this. Today it is Chishimba Kambwili, who is next? There is a danger in trying to remain in power by any means,” he warns.

Bishop Chisala said political persecution under the current government is well planned.

“While you think, they are acting. We saw this where it started from. Trying to remain in power, those in authority will do anything,” he said. “It started with the closure of The Post, then came closure of Prime Television. Key voices for the people closed. Now it has come to individuals. So Kambwili is fixed! Who is next? It can be Fred M’membe, it can be Harry Kalaba, it can be Hakainde Hichilema, it can be Felix Mutati with his new party. Anything is possible. That is what the mission of political persecution does to remain in power.”

Bishop Chisala said this was the time the Church should stand firm and speak out on political injustices.

“Yes, people should be taken to court when they are in conflict with the law. But to take people to court just to fix them is the worst form of abuse and injustice,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said power is temporary and it always comes to an end.

“There is no perpetuity in leadership. It will surely come to an end one day. You can never be a leader forever, especially these elective positions. Surely, one day you will be out. Even in the Church, we are also removed as leaders at a point,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said it was wrong to pretend before God in prayer when minds are so evil.

“So what are we going to pray for on October 18? What should God do to us when our minds are so evil, simply because we want to remain in power! Treat your friends well, the same way you would want to be treated. Remember our days are numbered in everything we do,” said Bishop Chisala.

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