Wina urges East PF to get involved in govt projects

VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says the Patriotic Front leadership in Eastern Province should be involved in government projects.

Speaking when she met the provincial PF executive committee at Luangwa House on Friday evening, the Vice-President said the party should know what is happening in the province.

“The head of the party is here and you are carrying the party on your shoulders, in your hands, on your heads and everywhere you go is PF. And as I indicated to you I am always thankful for the work you are doing for the party. It is not easy but you have persevered and the party is growing strong,” she said. “However, there are certain issues that as party leaders you should know. One of those issues is that the party leadership in the province should be involved in government projects. You should know what is happening so that you can explain to the people what your government is doing.”

Vice-President Wina urged the party leadership to get involved in curbing voter apathy.

“We have hundreds, millions of voters in Eastern Province but if you don’t visit them, if you don’t explain to them why their vote is so important, we may come out with some disappointing results,” she said.

Vice-President Wina said the voice of the party was not heard on issues of smuggling which is rampant in the province.

“The party should be engaged in the exercise of explaining to our people why it is important for them to sell their maize at FRA (Food Reserve Agency). If the party can explain the reasons why FRA buys this maize, the people will understand,” she said.

Vice-President Wina said it was the maize that people sell to FRA that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit use during disasters.

“What the farmer forgets is that if he or she sells everything and the house is burnt down they will run to DMMU for support and where will the DMMU get the maize because that is the same maize that the FRA use for disaster situation. So it is very important for leaders to explain these things to the people,” she said.

On empowerment, Vice-President Wina said party leaders should spearhead youth and women empowerment programmes in the province.

“This is an opportunity for you as party leaders to spearhead these programmes in the province, to understand these programmes, to understand how the youths in Chipata, in Chadiza, in Vubwi, in Nyimba, how they can benefit from these funds. As a provincial leadership you should be aware of these programmes,” she said.

Earlier on arrival at Chipata airport, Vice-President Wina who is on a four-day visit to Eastern Province said she would take part in tree planting because trees in the province were claimed by the tobacco industry.

She said the government wants to to resuscitate the forests that have disappeared.

Vice-President Wina thanked the people of Eastern Province for contributing substantially to the national food basket in the 2019/2020 season.

She said she expects a bumper harvest in the province in the next farming season and prayed for good rains.

Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha said the PF in the region was ready for next year’s elections.

He said the party had grown over time in the province.

“We have done enough ground work and it has been very easy for us to mobilise the party because of your good work together with the good and great work of President Edgar Lungu,” he said. “We would like to thank you for the uncountable developmental works that you have given us here in Eastern Province and you have continued to support us in all aspects just like you support the entire nation.”

Lubusha said the party in the province was equal to the task and ready for next year’s elections.

“We are very much ready for the elections and victory is inevitable. Your honour, we perfectly understand the challenge ahead of us where we need to make sure that we prove to the nation that indeed this is the bedroom of the Patriotic Front. You will be able to see the strength of the party as we move around in the province,” said Lubusha.

The Vice-President is accompanied by among others the minister in her office, Olipa Phiri and national planning minister Alexander Chiteme.

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