Cruel treatment of Kambwili, wife and daughter

There’s no doubt Chishimba Kambwili, wife Carol and daughter Chanda have been subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment.

There’s no good reason for keeping Kambwili in prison all these many days when he could have been easily granted bail pending appeal other than to fix him.

There’s no good reason for the police beating up Kambwili’s wife and daughter and locking them up in police cells other than cruelty.

Whatever the alleged offences Carol and her daughter might have committed in reaction to way the police had mistreated them, there can be no justification for that type of brutality.

But this is a reminder that we are today being ruled by an extremely cruel group of people who will not hesitate to crush you like a tonne of bricks if you are seen to be trying to stand in their way.

But if they can do this to Kambwili who was not very long ago their friend, what more those of us they have never been close to?

As Dr Fred M’membe correctly remarked in 2016 when these same people, who at that time included Kambwili, started attacking him and The Post, “The bells tolling on us today, if not silenced, will tomorrow toll on you.” Kambwili, like many others in the Patriotic Front and its government thought this would never happen to them.

Kambwili was actually very unkind to anyone seen to be an opponent of the Patriotic Front and its government. Some are saying let him reap what he planted. He has very little public sympathy. But if not stopped now what is happening to Kambwili and his family will tomorrow happen to Edgar Lungu and his minions.

This inhumanity puts us next to animals and must be stopped. Human cruelty happens when one fails to appreciate the humanity of others.

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