If Lungu wins we’ll be safe, says Kapoche PF aspirant

KAPOCHE Constituency 2021 aspirant Luckson Lungu says if more people get NRCs and voter’s cards then President Edgar Lungu would emerge victorious.

Speaking to residents of Petulo village, Lungu, commonly known as Mwaiwanu, begged the people to acquire national registration cards and voter’s cards to ensure President Lungu retained power.

He wondered why some people went round insulting him as if he was not a PF member.

“I am not in opposition. I am PF and my message is that let’s ensure we get NRCs and voter’s cards so that President Edgar Lungu wins as president. Once President Lungu wins then all of us we shall be safe, all what has remained to be delivered will be delivered,” he said.

Lungu said he would continue doing what he could to help people without being intimidated or threatened by anyone.

While Lungu was speaking, headman Chenjerani Liveson Banda who was seemingly drunk interrupted and said it was not time for campaigns.

Chenjerani’s comment angered PF youths who nearly lynched him.

He was only saved by Lungu who said that the man could not be attacked because he was a traditional leader.

Chenjerani warned Lungu that he was risking his life by campaigning early.

However, a female leader at village level, Petulo Emelia Phiri, condemned Chenjerani for disturbing the meeting.

“I don’t want anyone to disappoint me in my village. Headman Chenjerani has his people, why coming to disturb me here? I don’t want. Go to your village to rule [under] those silly rules, but as for me I have welcomed Mwaiwanu here,” Phiri said. “He who never receives help from Mwaiwanu should chase him. But if you have been helped in times of afflictions, by him, then we need to accommodate him. We need to support him and we need to pray for him. Some of the people had their relatives buried in reeds before Mwaiwanu came. But when he came, we are buried in good varnished coffins and who is he to chase him away from here?”

She encouraged Lungu to ignore such sentiments and keep on campaigning.

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