M’membe remembers freedom hero Ng’oma

SOCIALIST Party leader Fred M’membe says history has been unfair to ordinary men and women who fought for the country’s independence.

In his tribute to Burton Ng’oma, a freedom fighter from Chinsali in Michinga Province, Dr M’membe said so many outstanding figures have been praised at the expense of others unknown who did extraordinary things for the country.

“History is usually unfair to ordinary men and women, attributing too much importance to outstanding figures, and giving them too much merit,” he wrote from Mwika Royal Village in Chinsali. “It practically ignores the ordinary men and women who made possible the circumstances that exalted one person over others, making them important in national and world public opinion.”

Dr M’membe reminded the nation to remember other heroes and heroines who have died unnoticed, as the country celebrates its independence anniversary.

“As we commemorate the 56th anniversary of our country’s independence, we should pay special tribute to the ordinary men and women who suffered and struggled without respite for our freedom,” Dr M’membe said. “Rather than being forgotten with the passing of the years, their names, their exemplary lives, their unselfishness, their heroism, should be remembered by all of us. We should see them live again. Above all, they should remain alive in our consciousness and in our hearts. On days such as this, we should remember all those who gave their lives for our country’s independence.”

He chronicled the life of Ng’oma, starting from his childhood and highlighted the various activities Ng’oma did with his colleagues, including his imprisonment at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe.

“Today, my attention turns to an unsung hero of the independence struggle, Burton Ng’oma Chisashi… Burton died with scars on his body, which he treasured. He showed them to his grandchildren as a mark of his struggle and triumph against the colonial oppressors,” wrote Dr M’membe. “He used to boast that the scars from the beatings he and his fellow freedom fighters suffered at the hands of the whites while in jail, were indelible marks of the love for Zambia he showed during the Welensky rule. Eternal glory to men and women like Burton and his comrades!”

Dr M’membe’s full tribute will be published in The Mast tomorrow.

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