SDA church announces plans to establish medical school

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church says it has built hospitals and schools across the country to provide a service and not to compete with anyone.

And the SDA says it has intensified plans to open a medical school that will be training doctors.

Meanwhile, a Zambian based in United States of America, David Nkhoma has donated hospital equipment worthy over K4 million to Mwami Adventist Hospital in Chipata.

Speaking when Dr Nkhoma presented the donation of hospital beds, mattresses and equipment to Mwami Adventist Hospital on Wednesday, SDA Southern Zambia executive union president Harrington Akombwa said by running hospitals, schools and other institutions, the SDA was merely discharging its mission.

“The Seventh Day Adventist is following the footsteps of Jesus Christ who we are told in Mathew Chapter 9 verse 35 went to every town, to every city doing three things; he was healing, he was teaching and preaching,” he said. “Healing was number one; the Seventh Day Adventist Church is discharging its mission, taking the Gospel of Jesus everywhere. We’ve opened hospitals and clinics not because we have enough money to spare. We built hospitals not to compete with anyone. Sometimes, there is a spirit that comes up that we are doing these things as if we are challenging somebody, we are simply not, we are supplementing the effort of the government.”

Dr Akombwa said Dr Nkhoma’s donation was an encouragement to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the government at large.

He also said the church was planning to come up with a medical school that would be training doctors.

Dr Akombwa said the church had been looking for various partners that would work with it in setting up a medical school.

He also commended the government for grading the Chipata/Mwami Adventist hospital road.

And Dr Nkhoma paid tribute to America’s Faith in Action organisation for the donation.

He said the donated beds, mattresses and other hospital equipment would go to the maternity wing.

“Some would ask, why Mwami and why maternity ward? Life begins at birth and so my journey in the healthcare began here, so I feel I was born here. I decided that the place to start with the little that I have is the maternity ward,” Dr Nkhoma said.

He thanked the Zambian community in the USA for helping him to ship the equipment from that country to Zambia.

Dr Nkhoma said Zambians could do much and render assistance to areas of needy.

“Democracy is government of the people and for the people. We are the people, we can’t sit down and wait for somebody in the office. With small efforts like this, we can be surprised that we can do much more. If we come together we can do much more than this,” said Dr Nkhoma.

Eastern Province assistant secretary Royd Tembo, who represented provincial permanent secretary Veronica Mwiche, thanked Dr Nkhoma for the support.

Tembo said the donation was a milestone to the attainment of the universal health coverage by 2030.

He said the hospital attended to between 16,000 and 21,000 patients per annum.

Tembo urged Zambians to emulate Dr Nkhoma’s gesture.

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