MINIFOOTBALL national team coach Malcolm Chizyuka has added four new players to his 17-member squad that is current training at Barca Academy in Lusaka.

Chizyuka said the move to add players is to bring more competition in the national team as they prepare for future national team assignments.

“We have brought in some players to bring more competition in the team. Most of them are having the feeling that it is their team and they have been here from the beginning but there are a lot of players out there and we are searching for them to groom them and have them in the national team as the final product,” he said.

“Last week we had two players joining us, today (Thursday) we have two more which makes the number to 21 players currently trying to have their place in the national team. They are actually young and it is good to work with young players, so we are getting there.”

The national team clocked a month since it started training and coach Chizyuka is so far happy with the progress.

“It is actually good to see the players catching up with the sport, adapting to the rules of the game and how they should be playing,” he noted

“Today (Thursday) we had a very good training session because we saw things that we were not seeing in the past trainings, most of then came with a mindset of the 11 aside set up or a five aside set up, so what we are playing here is in between the two as it is the seven aside and the rules are different from the two, so it’s good to see that they are adjusting to the rules.”

The Minifootball national team will continue training as they wait for the national team engagements to be announced by the international mother body.

“It gives us a lot of time not too much but at least now we can see improvement, today’s and last week’s training sessions we were trying to see the strength of the players, in which positions they are good and that’s why we think next week (this week) we hope we can have a friendly match with some locals to see how the team will fare with other players,” said Chizyuka.

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