NKANA coach Manfred Chabinga says over dependency on striker Idris Mbombo is giving him headaches and has proposed to his executive to get him an experienced out of contract striker.

And Indeni coach Dabid Chilufya regretted that his team failed to perform to his expectation in the Charity Shield final played at Arthur Davies stadium on Saturday.

Nkana lifted the season opening Atlasmara sponsored Charity Shield after beating Indeni 2-0 with Mbombo scoring both goals in the first half with sensational teenage midfielder Patrick Gondwe involved in both goals.

However, Nkana were far from convincing as a team that is representing the country in the CAF Champions League with Chabinga admitting after the match that there was still a lot of work to be done.

“Sate Sate wasn’t there, Harrison Chisala wasn’t there, I have got a Ghanaian striker who I didn’t use. I have got some few guys who did not play but we have to work hard, you know. I mean you have been following what has been happening with Nkana, the ban, they started signing players at the last minute. To me, I should give them credit, they have tried, I was not expecting this performance,” Chabinga said.

He also regretted that Ghanaian striker Martin Dzila has failed to prove himself since he joined last season from Lumwana Radiants.

“No, I was expecting more competition from Indeni. I thought they would be running up and down but I didn’t see that; it was more like a training session…we are very much concerned. I think we have to speak to the president or technical committee about the situation. It’s not healthy for a big team like Nkana because when Mbombo is injured, there is no other striker. We have to speed up to look for a striker who is a free agent,” he said of Mbombo.

And a disappointed Chilufya said: “I am not very worried because of the way my team has been playing games but today I can just say it was bad at the office. We cannot cry over it or put our heads down, we need to look up and continue. My midfield was bad, we did not put up passes together. We need to encourage the boys, we can’t be worried about this loss.”

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