Bill 10 is not in the interest of Zambians

Our nation has no worse conspiracy of lies than what the PF government keeps peddling on Bill 10. They announced that Thursday, October 29, 2020 will be the D-day for Bill 10. They want to pass it by all means. They have spent millions of stolen loot to corrupt a few weak MPs. However, the consensus in Zambia has not been less clear – the people do not want Bill 10. The people have read Bill 10, and the people disagree with the lies being peddled by President Lungu and the cadre of his corrupt Cabinet add pepper to the salt of their lies, the PF government caused to be published what they called “Proposed Parliamentary Amendments to Bill 10”. Of course, this was a kelenka document because never in the history of our Republic has it ever happened that Cabinet issue a newly revised bill when a substative bill is on the floor of the house. Crucially, a bill proposing to amend the Constitution of Zambia must be published at least a month before it is introduced in Parliament. It is therefore not surprising that to hoodwink the people of Zambia, Mr Given Lubinda and his close collaborator, the Attorney General of Zambia, caused to be published in the gazette a useless document they called “Proposed Parliamentary Amendments to Bill 10”.

The only right thing to do regarding Bill 10 is to withdraw it from Parliament. Zambians have rejected it. And so has the Zambian church. But lacking in common sense to withdraw the Bill, the PF government tried to make up by the use of lies, innuendos, and deception.

Bill 10 hurts the democratic viability of our country. Of course, the PF and its orgy of rogue political elements are now claiming something about Bill 10 that does not exist in Bill 10. PF are claiming that Bill 10 will help with the delimitation of constituencies. This is a lie. Nowhere in Bill 10 is the delimitation exercise addressed. In fact, according to current law, the ECZ is expected to make delimitation proposals to the government. Then the government can then move a motion in Parliament to pass the new constituencies into law. However, the PF is lying that without Bill 10, there will be no new constituencies, which is, of course, a falsehood.

The PF is lying that Bill 10 will lead to an increase in the representation of women, youth, and the disabled in Parliament. This is another lie. Currently, the constitution of our Republic commands the President to consider gender when appointing people to serve in Cabinet, and other responsibilities. But failing to follow the current law, the President is now claiming that he needs Bill 10 so that he can do that which he has failed to do under clear and unambiguous command to be gender-sensitive. Again, just as stated above, there is nowhere in Bill 10, where it is stated that Bill 10 will increase the representation of women, youths or the disabled.

A bill that requires so much covering-up for cannot possibly be in the interest of the people. This is not the people’s law, and Zambians have all the reasons to reject it. We just hope that today, Parliament will follow suit and shove this pathetic Bill down the spine of the traitors.

Elias Munshya can be reached at elias@munshyalaw.com.

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