Sipatunyana calls for intensified economic development

CHIEF Sipatunyana of Kalomo district says he expects to see better and strong economic changes taking place for the good of all Zambians now that the country is 56 years old.

In an interview, Sipatunyana said time was now to intensify economic development throughout the country in the months before the general elections.

“Can we see better and strong economic changes taking place for the good of all Zambians. We want to see better infrastructure in terms of roads, housing, socio-economic institutions like health and schools in rural areas as well as clean safe water supply for both human and animal consumption,” Sipatunyana said. “Can we better enhance our upsurge of economic development in the whole country, especially in rural areas.”

He challenged leaders to continue leading the country to prosperity.

And Sipatunyana said there should be no violence as the country heads towards elections.

“It is becoming a culture that as we jostle for political power positions violence comes into play. Now being at individual level or political party level there should be no violence. Can we please disagree on issues? We should not fight because physical fight is no longer wanted and is retrogressive,” he said.

He encouraged citizens to talk and build a Zambia which enjoys peace and not confrontation.

“Can young people support the leadership in developing the country? Let them shape themselves as future leaders. No violence as we head towards 2021 general elections,” Sipatunyana said.

The traditional leader said young people have a responsibility to emulate the good things happening elsewhere and not to engage in fighting based on political ideologies.

He called for a spirit of dialogue.

“Let us help each other to mould young people as future leaders not on principles of fighting but on principles of helping one another as future leaders,” Sipatunyana said. “Let us say no to violence and say yes to economic prosperity. Let us [aim] to have a better Zambia than one we found,” Sipatunyana said. “Former president Kenneth Kaunda believed in peace. Yes, during colonial era out of frustration and to drive a point to the colonialists we fomented violence. But now we should be part of creating economic prosperity. Let young people preoccupy themselves with thinking of how to be innovative and inventive so that we can develop. The western world developed because of being innovative and inventive. You cannot develop without being innovative and inventive. Let us be creative unlike just preoccupying ourselves on how to injure other people.”

The chief said nothing much had been done by the current generation to help mould young people into good citizens.

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