We cannot accept to see Lungu come out of State House, says Bizwell Mutale

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni says the PF is lucky because its leader is from Eastern Province.

And PF national mobilisation committee treasurer Bizwell Mutale says they will not accept seeing President Edgar Lungu out of State House.

Speaking when Eastern Province PF mobilisation committee members led by Mutale paid a courtesy call on him at Ephendukeni palace on Tuesday, Mpezeni said if the people of Eastern Province rejected President Lungu, it would mean they have rejected themselves.

“Kuliye munthu angakane mwana ali wake. Mwana aliyense amalakwa koma mwana ni mwana. Vilipo vangalakwe vilipo vangakhoze koma mwana ni mwana (No one can reject their own child. Every child can sometimes go wrong but a child will remain a child. There are certain things that a child can do well while other things can be wrong but a child will remain a child),” he said.

Mpezeni said a person could not always do things right.

“We are lucky because the President who is there is Lungu from Eastern Province and there is no dispute about it. Strengthen your party; if you don’t do the right thing it means things will not be okay,” he said.

Mpezeni said other people have already shared positions but they were not yet in government.

“Bvuto ilinamweo niyakuti mupasa chance mdani wanu. Mweo kuno kwanu mufunika kuti mugwirizane osati kuti mungoyambana (The problem you have is you give chance to your enemy. You need to unite not just fighting),” he said.

Mpezeni said the PF got zero votes in some places while other political parties got votes in the region.

He said there was need to support President Lungu because he had done a lot.

“Wakhoza vinyinji koma musaone cholakwika, mulange chimene chakonzewa osati cholakwika. Volakwika vingankhalepo koma tikaona pankhani ya vitukuko wakonza paliponse, aliye konze kuno kum’mawa tyala kuti tyani tyani mukaoneshesha maningi kuno kum’mawa paliye chimene wakonza wakonza kwamene uku (He has done well in most of the things, don’t look at a wrong but look at the right thing. Wrong things can be there but when we look at issues of development, he didn’t just concentrate on Eastern Province. If you look at it critically, he has not done much here but in these other areas),” he said.

Mpezeni told Petauke businessman Elias Daka popularly known as Eliboma to tell Petauke chiefs about his message for unity.

“When you go to Petauke, you tell the chiefs that you came here and tell them that I am urging them to unite,” he said.

In response, Daka said he would deliver the message.

He urged the Paramount Chief to encourage the people to register as voters.

But Mpezeni urged the PF to stop infighting.

He maintained that the people should give President Lungu a lot of votes.

And Mutale thanked Mpezeni for the good message.

Mutale said the traditional leader spoke a lot of things that he wanted to talk about.

He said Mpezeni had strengthened his team.

Mutale said traditional leaders should counsel politicians when they go wrong because they were their children.

He said President Lungu had taken development to all parts of the country.

“We have come here to see how we are moving as a party and where have the opposition penetrated us. We hear of some squabbles here by some party members while others claim ownership of the party. Just like you have said but we want you to guide us,” he said.

Mutale said President Lungu was doing a lot of things and that even the opposition were enjoying his good works but were just shy to thank him.

He said traditional leaders should continue promoting peace.

“Our President is in State House and we cannot accept to see him come out, those with ideas of moving the President out of State House, we would like to tell them like you said that he is your child, even us we are saying he is our President. You gave us and we sent him there and it will just be like that. We are going to vote for him in peace because we need peace,” said Mutale.

Eastern Province PF mobilidation committee coordinator Alexander Miti said although the PF was in government, it cannot do without the Church, traditional leaders, the business people and other stakeholders.

Miti said the party was trying to get views on how things were moving on the ground.

“We want to see how we can attract people to register as voters so that they vote next year. We thank you for allowing us to see you at short notice,” said Miti.

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