We’re missing Sata’s innovativeness – Scott

[By Ernest Chanda and Oliver Chisenga]

GUY Scott says he longs for a time when the country could have another Michael Sata.

Dr Scott co-founded the Patriotic Front with late president Michael Sata in 2001, three months before the general elections.

The two traversed the country like twins, mobilising their newly founded party.

Commemorating six years of Sata’s demise, Dr Scott said he also missed the fact that his friend believed more in action than complaints.

“We’re missing Michael’s innovativeness; his new ideas are not there for us, we have to find our own source,” he said yesterday.

Asked if he would like to see another Sata in his lifetime, Dr Scott responded: “Of course, who wouldn’t want to see another Michael? We would like to see him back if it were possible. He had no time for complaints, he believed in action. In life, if you can’t change any situation, leave it up to others to do it.”

Later when he arrived at Sata’s grave at Embassy Park, Dr Scott was mobbed by jubilating PF supporters, with some introducing themselves by the office or portfolio they hold in the party.

As he walked towards the entrance of the mausoleum, Sata’s widow Dr Christine Kaseba quickly rushed to welcome him and the two hugged.

A horde of journalists from various media houses equally swarmed Dr Scott as he was being ushered into the mausoleum.

He then laid a wreath together with Dr Kaseba.

Meanwhile, Dr Kaseba, who is Zambia’s Ambassador to France, said the pain of losing Sata does not get any easier.

Dr Kaseba said it was six years since her husband died but to her it feels like yesterday as the pain of losing him is still fresh.

“The pain is still there, it never downs. But with the love that is being shown by everyone, the love that is being shown by those that loved Michael, it helps quite a lot,” she said.

Dr Kaseba said the day to commemorate Sata’s demise just brings too close the loss of a great man who had so much compassion and love to share with everyone.

She said some people have never come out of the loss of Sata but noted that there were so many Zambians who knew the foundation leading to PF’s formation so that countless could be lifted out of poverty.
“On a large scale, today he reminds us of what he stood for and the greatest of them was love one another and I am sure most of you know his favourite phrase, ‘so tutemwane bamunyina bonse, bacibusa wandi tutemwane’. And this is what I would love to tell the nation that please continue loving each other, start the love within your homes, spread that love to the neighbourhood, spread that love in churches and across the country,” Ambassador Kaseba said.

She said although many would differ in political and religious association, the One Zambia One Nation motto should be embraced.

“Let’s be each other’s keeper regardless of what each one believes in. You must be able to show them love because that is the greatest of them all. So today reminds me of all this,” Ambassador Kaseba said.
She urged the media to preach and spread love and not hate.

And NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili said the current PF is a fake one which is in stark contrast to what Sata formed.

“This is a gong’a (fake) PF – MMD in big letters and PF in small letters. Our focus when we formed PF was to make Zambia a better place to live in, different from how the MMD had run the country,” he said.
Kambwili said the focus of the original PF was on Ubuntu.

He recalled Sata’s first PF rally in Nchanga, Chingola, which was a success.

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