Wife ‘stops’ minister celebrating PF growth

SOUTHERN Province minister Edify Hamukale says he has observed that the PF party is vibrant and growing tremendously in areas where intraparty elections were held.

In a statement to the Mast newspaper in Choma, Dr Hamukale stated that he was elated with the development to an extent where he had to play his guitar the whole night until his wife stopped him from disturbing her sleep.

“Every PF member now has an opportunity to exert their skills and creativity and reach any height in our democratic party with full merit,” stated Dr Hamukale. “Upon hearing this I got elated and played my guitar the whole night until my wife stopped me because I was disturbing her sleep. I wish to express solidarity and thankfulness to the PF leadership for deciding to hold intraparty elections in all constituencies, districts and provinces in Zambia.”

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