Why are they so afraid of losing power?

There’s visible panic among Patriotic Front leaders and cadres of losing power.

You hear and see it in Edgar Lungu. Bowman Lusambo is always talking about it. Dora Siliya is lamenting about it. Davis Mwila has been warning Patriotic Front leaders about its consequences. Why this fear of losing power? What have they done to the Zambian people and to this country to fear losing power so much?

Which cadre, leader or former president has been killed or sent to jail after losing power?

Their fear of losing power power is excessive and may lead them into doing many wrong things. With this fear what can’t they do to remain in power? Look at how they are violating the fundamental rights of our people just to stifle meaningful opposition! They have literally stopped anyone from doing any meaningful political work. Only themselves are allowed to hold rallies and other political meetings. Only their supporters are allowed to hold demonstrations or protests. Only themselves are seen and heard on publicly owned television and radio stations.

Look at how they are abusing the police to harass and undermine their political opponents. Which credible political opponent of theirs is today not being harassed by the police and other law enforcement agencies? All this is being done to keep themselves in power forever.

This level of fear can lead to very serious crimes. People who live with this type and level of fear can easily steal and kill.

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