Hating Sata even in his death

It’s very sad that as Zambians and Michael Sata’s family were remembering him on the sixth anniversary of his passing Dora Siliya was busy attacking him.

“Let’s not vote lazily the way we did on Rupiah. We lost him because we are many but few voted and we lost him. Those eight bags of fertiliser we got under Rupiah disappeared because Sata ate Cassava which doesn’t require fertiliser and you started calling us Paya Farmer and it’s now under President Edgar Lungu that agriculture has been revamped. These elections of next year are not an easy one. It’s war abale anga. It’s a war, we should make sure everyone registers as voters and vote on 12th August 2021 or else we will lose. Napapata, we go wrong, we in government, but forgive us please. Pray for us, we know we have gone through problems in these five years but let’s not lose this presidency because we still have a lot to do with it in our families, communities. We are not only happy for Edgar to be in State House but to work for us. If this presidency leaves, Eastern Province, nobody among us will be alive when it will be back here…Let’s not be lazy. If Edgar Lungu loses next year, good agricultural system will collapse. So we have to put on much effort if Edgar is to win next year because we still have a lot to do…” Dora told 300 village headmen and indunas in Eastern Province last Sunday.

It’s clear that despite having joined Sata’s party – the Patriotic Front – and being a minister in its government, Dora is still pained by Sata’s 2011 electoral defeat of Rupiah Banda.

This is understandable. Dora has never liked Sata. She only joined the Patriotic Front after Sata died. Dora used to denounce Sata and accuse him of all false things – if you vote Sata he will cause war in the country, men will be marrying fellow men and women fellow women.

It’s not a secret that Sata died without ever winning any elections in Eastern Province. Eastern Province never used to vote for Sata and the Patriotic Front. Eastern Province only started voting for the Patriotic Front after Sata died and was replaced by Edgar Lungu. And one would ask: is the Eastern Province now voting for the Patriotic Front or Edgar?

But no matter how much Dora hates Sata, there has to be a sense of gratitude. Sata has given them a political party that is today keeping them in power – power they don’t want to lose or relinquish.

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