YOU CREATED A MONSTER…Mukuni reminds Kalaba over Lungu presidency

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should have not been anywhere near being Head of State, says Harry Kalaba.

He said this in response to senior chief Mukuni who said Kalaba helped create a monster in President Lungu.

Kalaba says he did not know the challenges that opposition leaders faced in an effort to mobilise their supporters when he was in government.

He said Zambia was bleeding profusely and needs a major surgery.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mukuni at Lumpasa Palace, the Democratic Party leader said those that supported President Lungu after the death of Michael Sata made a very big mistake.

“One thing I have discovered Your Royal Highness is that we made a very big mistake, for us who supported President Edgar Lungu…I really regret that something like that happened because clearly Edgar Lungu should not have been President of this country,” Kalaba said. “He should not have been anywhere near power. He does not understand that power should be used for the people. Imagine Your Highness that you being chief here, then your people must stop drinking water. People must be happy.”

At this point Mukuni told his guest that he knows how Kalaba was principal in making Edgar Lungu Head of State.

“You remember I told you that you ‘created a monster’”” Mukuni reminded Kalaba, while stressing that all political parties were welcome to campaign in his chiefdom.

He said last week the PF asked for permission to hold a meeting in the village to which he did not object.

Mukuni said the PF wants Bill 10 so that President Lungu can rule beyond the constitutional mandate of two terms.

“It is not only 2021 but it can be continuous just like in Uganda, [President Yoweri] Museveni ended up saying his parents gave a wrong date of birth when it came to age over the presidential eligibility,” said Mukuni.

And speaking on a special radio programme ‘The 7th Floor’ on Falls FM, Kalaba said he did not know how hard it is to be in the opposition adding that he was against any blocking of the opposition by the government when he was still in the PF.

He noted that political space was shrinking under the PF.

Kalaba said the PF was now abusing the police to harass opposition leaders.

“I used to say that blocking the opposition was just making them popular. I used to say allow the opposition to assemble and talk because that was the only way we would know what they are saying against us and we could work to change that. When we take over power we will ensure that the opposition is given space,” he said.

Kalaba also said the DP had already adopted 50 parliamentary candidates including Gloria Mapani, who is Southern Province DP chairperson, who will contest in Dundumwezi.

“We are serving notice to the PF that you better behave. We are bringing freshness to the country,” he said. “This country is bleeding profusely and needs a serious surgery.”

Kalaba was also the guest of honour at the wedding of Hornest and Florence Bupite Kalumba at St Francis Catholic Church.

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