Beyond the Obvious: Learn from Trump; religion does not win elections

SOME PEOPLE think that the more religious and seemingly humble you are, the more favour you receive from God. No, it doesn’t work that way. We have seen it in many instances where people meander into churches – looking pious and singing along with all others in front of TV cameras. They do this to make us believe that they are God-fearing and that we must vote for them.

You see, about 25 per cent of Americans are Evangelical Christians and most of these supported Donald Trump who they thought was a God sent messiah. Elsewhere again, we saw Christians in Nigeria, for example, taking to the streets in support of the US President. I know of many Zambian colleagues who were also very excited by a Republican led America of Donald Trump. They did this because Trump played with religion to make the world believe he was saintly like the Roman Catholic Pope.

Many of the top US preachers and some of our very own African men of God have even gone viral on social media to predict that Trump will win the 2020 elections. But the rest is history; and some of us knew Trump differently and wrote about his hypocrisy way back. May we all learn to be truly humble and not think that people will eat religion.

A few weeks back before the elections that sent him packing, I read from one of the leading news channels that President Donald Trump said he was happy to be out of hospital after suffering from corona virus and that the disease was a blessing from God. I was like, really? Is the President of America mad? My pastor has always taught me that all good things come from God and the Almighty does not wish ill His people. How then can this rogue start to confuse my theology? Up until now I’m still in shock wondering whether Trump was misquoted. Has he not already done enough harm building boarder walls and insulting everyone? But thanks to the results of the November elections that have brought relief to many.

But if you care to know, you realise that indeed this American President has been very controversial from the beginning. He’s been trying to start a cold war with China by calling COVID-19 a Chinese virus, which Beijing has denied vehemently. Trump once proposed that coronavirus patients be injected with some disinfectant he alone knows, as a form of cure. Up until now he has not deployed a new ambassador to Zambia after we sent away Daniel Foote. I think Trump is really demented. Time cannot permit me to list what else he did wrong during his four years in the White house.

This is the man who called you and me as sh*tholes and intimidated every journalist that went to interview him. His international relations are pathetic, to say the least. His language is nothing but vulgar – similar to those who call others ‘utupuba’ and expect people to continue to believe in them.

So, what did Donald Trump do that we should avoid? Here are seven things Trump did that we should avoid. The list, though, is not conclusive.

1. He was arrogant, so learn to be level-headed and don’t be conceited.

2. He was a tribalist, so learn to embrace people from all tribes. We are One Zambia, One


3. He was a hypocrite, so strive to be real.

4. His language was uncouth, so moderate your speech.

5. He refused to accept loss, so please learn to know when to leave office.

6. He denied permits to immigrants, so please accept those who seek shelter in your home.

7. He never smiled, so please learn to smile, it costs nothing.

However, if there’s one thing I’d credit Trump for, is for him to declare Jerusalem as capital of Israel. But this is just to worry infidels because, if my eschatology is correct, making Jerusalem capital of Israel just quickens the coming of the Lord. But some of us don’t care what happens on judgment day, because we were elected unto salvation before the foundation of the world, so see you in paradise.

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