Headline Matters with Chambwa: Shaming the snail

Everyone who appreciates civics knows what is currently at play in Zambia. There is voter registration! Ordinarily, wherever there is some form of registration, there has to be queuing up. But the queuing up we are witnessing in the ongoing voter registration is too excruciating.

No doubt, voting at national level is symbolic of one’s patriotism. But not when it takes someone seven hours just to register as a voter. And people who facilitated for such clutter still go home with MONEY at the month-end, or whenever! How preposterous! For now, one can’t be an employee of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and not be ashamed, unless that one parted ways with their conscience some decade ago. But honestly, there is someone who I still venerate there. Maybe two!

However, my veneration for them shouldn’t be the benchmark for anything. Let ECZ sing from the same hymn book. They MUST make a sensible electoral rhythm. You can’t produce twaddle and expect people’s respect. We would rather respect Chanda na Kay! But this is no joke, mind you.

Expectedly, someone might say this is uncalled-for pillory of the ECZ. But praise or something related to it MUST be earned. It’s trite to say that the voter registration is moving at a snail’s pace. As a matter of fact, if a snail could speak, it can contest that ‘you people, I can move faster than these voter registration queues’. I and my family will be there encouraging the snail to speak out its mind. We will be like sosa sosa, icalo cilekumfwa (speak out; the country is listening to you).

Let’s hope queues will be moving faster, beginning tomorrow, November 16, 2020. Voter registration efficacy will certainly shame the snail and even loquacious Chambwa. For now, I assert that ‘snail, don’t be intimidated; you are quicker than the Confusion from the Commission playing out.’ From today, Sunday November 15, 2020 to Thursday, August 12, 2021, the polling day, there are exactly 270 days remaining.

With resolve, I guess a fit snail can capture a distance of 100 metres in a day. But these voter registration queues will not capture nine million people even in 90 days. Unless a million has a different meaning, “espishally” in Nalolo! All this is “politikao”! But there is need for electoral ORDER! The House stands adjourned until Sunday next week.
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