You lose the vote, you lose the Court: the secret Trump/Obama conversations continue.

Obama: “Hey Donald, I am calling you to tell you that when you lose the vote you lose the court. Two weeks ago, you told me about your secret weapon, the October surprise involving your second theft from the Democratic Party of the Supreme Court seat when you nominated Barrett and Mitch McConnell had her confirmed.”

“Now, listen to me, Donald. SUPREME COURT judges with some exceptions are not like those in Africa who are in the pocket of whoever appoints them. Even in Africa, as you told me, they are beginning to flex their lazy muscles in Malawi, Kenya and South Africa. So, don’t count on this secret weapon of the Supreme Court just because you nominated and appointed three of them.”

Trump: “Obama, I looked this woman in the eye in the privacy of my office, just the two of us in there. I said to her that I was nominating her out of dozens who qualify because I was confident that she would help us if the election went to the wire and that I needed Obamacare wiped out. You know what Obama, this woman said not a word in response to my ruminations. I told her that I liked what I had been told she had been writing about before she was appointed to the Bench. I told her I hoped she would continue with that trajectory.”

Obama: “You see Trump, in Africa judges continue to be in the pocket of the appointing authority because a number of them are genuinely unqualified. They are put there to kiss ass and they are grateful. They don’t even get meaningful public hearings as a funnel to filter and expose their bonafides. It is different in here. Public hearings are a form of accountability.”

Trump: “Obama, you also met privately with judges Sotomayor and Kagan before you nominated them. Didn’t you try to get any assurances? They seem to be loyal liberal voters on the bench, just like Thomas and Alito are loyal conservative voters.”

Obama: “Listen to me, Donald. That is why I called you this time around. You call me all the time. This time I called you, so listen to me very, very carefully. And you always chat away when you call. I give you all the opportunity but this time let me talk as ex-president to another ex-president. You hear me?”

Trump: ‘’What are you talking about, man? I am no ex-president. I clearly beat Sleepy Joe. They are trying to steal the vote. I have the ultimate secret weapon. Watch and see. You x-president but I ain’t.’’

Obama: “There you go again, Donald. You ain’t got no secret weapon. You are missing the big picture, man. Listen to me…”

Trump: “You know what, Obama, I am nursing another secret. You know, I can’t resist spilling out what I really feel, unlike you liberals who fear stating exactly what you feel and mean. I am the White Malcolm X. MALCOLM said exactly what he felt about White America just as I say what I really feel about America; Black or White. Obama, how come you have never mentioned or quoted Malcolm X? You could learn one or two things from Malcolm about liberals, both White and Black.”

“Have you also never read Mao Tsetung’ s essay on liberalism? That guy hated liberals. He thought they are too malleable to be trusted. They are too politically correct. That is the problem you also had with Cornell West; you remember? When I came to power, Cornwell West stopped talking. He knew I stated things the way they were. That is why I have dedicated followers. My followers are free. Yours are so afraid they will change their mind on election day, so they have to vote early before they change their minds. I beat Sleepy Joe easily, Obama.”

Obama: “Trump, I didn’t call you to be lectured by you. You talk too much. I don’t have time for prolonged talk. I called you to talk about the big picture. The need for you to concede right away because you got no secret weapon. You lose the vote, you lose the court as I have said.”

Trump: “I wanted to confess to you, as I cannot keep this in my heart. As I was looking Barrett in the eye in the privacy of my office, I felt an irresistible urge to just grab her and kiss her. You remember what I said in that YouTube video that went viral that surfaced during the elections when I had stated that I feel like grabbing them on, you – know-what- of women and pulling them to me and kissing them?”

“Power gives you access, my friend. Even Mao couldn’t resist the temptations. Even Christ-like figure like Jimmy Carter confessed during his election run that he has lusted after women though he has not touched. It flows in the blood. But you liberals even fear to be identified as human beings. Did you see how I looked at Barrett during her swearing in ceremony? I was just still enamoured by her beauty and the urge to just grab and kiss her has not left me.”

Obama: ‘’Cut that shit out, Donald. I didn’t call you to hear this crap, this bull. Our nation is in peril and all you think is about your dick. Grow up man! When are you going to put American interests first and not your narcissistic self? Listen to me now.”

Trump: “I like riling you, Obama. I am all ears.”

Obama: “Here is the big picture, Donald. The Supreme Court gets divided on issues that do not go to the fundamental core existence of this country. The Chief Justice, though nominated by a Republican president and is conservative, and I even voted against his nomination, is an institutionalist. He won’t let the country be torn apart because of ego and ideology. He takes the survival of the Republic seriously. He could have struck Obamacare easily in revenge for my having opposed his nomination. But he didn’t.”

“Judges unlike you or Clarence Thomas who continue to nurse his wounds since 1991, put national interest first. Obamacare will survive your secret weapon in Barrett. Judges know not to strike down a popular legislative mandate like Obamacare. Forget about what she wrote before elevation. She is also too new on the court and cannot immediately go against what she testified to during her recent congressional nomination hearings. It goes the same for the vote. You lost the vote and you have lost the court vote including that of Barrett.”

Trump: “Keep talking, Obama. I looked her in the eye the other week. I asked her to help us out. Sell out, is she?”

Obama: “Donald, it is not personal. I am a constitutional lawyer. I have studied the judiciary. Donald, this Supreme Court is not about to go on a limb for an individual like you and in the process get institutionally bruised. For you, Donald, study your history. Politically you got your 71 million adherents but the judiciary is different.”

Trump: “I looked her in the eye.”

Obama: “Donald, forget that. You were supposed to look her in the eye and not anywhere else. Where else did you want to look at? I know you told me your preference, forget that. You remember how the reputation of the Supreme Court dipped to the lowest depth in over a century in 2000 when the court gave the presidency to George W BUSH?”

“The court got a beating it had not gotten since 1896 with the Plessy versus Ferguson decision of the equal but separate doctrine infirm? Before that the court had gotten a beating after the 1857 decision in the Dred Scott case when it ruled that Blacks are not human beings with equal rights that a White man can recognise. That history is there for you, Donald. The Supreme Court is not about to interfere in another election vote grabbing so soon after it got that beating in 2000.”

Trump: “What beating did it get? I am asking for a recount. What is wrong with that. This was a rigged election, fraudulent, Obama! Every vote must count.

Obama: “Donald, you are asking the court to do what it refused to do in 2000. The court stopped the recount of the voting. That helped George W Bush. For meddling in that election, the court got the biggest beating of its life time. Over thirty books were written on that court decision and thousands of articles. Three books stand out from that crop. 1. Your friend Alan Dershowitz wrote a book called “Supreme Injustice: How the High court Stole Election 2000”; 2. New Yorker legal affairs Columnist Jeffery Toobin wrote a book called “Too Close to Call” and 3. Former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi wrote perhaps the most stunningly stinging book where he even called the judges ‘criminals’ entitled, The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President.”

“With the slaughter the court got from choosing our president in 2000, this court is not about to make the same mistake 20 years later. To make matters worse and giving a hint that the court knew it was wrong in that decision, it cynically ordered that that decision should never be used as a precedent ever. Have you ever read anywhere where the court states that it’s decision must never be used as a precedent? The life blood and stability of judicial institutions and the legal system is based on precedents. You don’t ever preclude the use of a precious highest court decision from being used as a precedent, unless you know you are wrong. Gore won the election and the popular vote but the Supreme Court refused a recount. Now Biden won both the electoral college and the popular vote. Donald, just go home. You have no effective secret weapon. Concede, man. Game over. The secret weapon is neutralized, checkmate.

The author specialises in writing on the Judiciary and is the author of “The Politics of Judicial Diversity and Transformation: Canada, US, UK, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Pre-Colonial and Post-Colonial Judiciaries and International Tribunals”.

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